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Friday, 19 August 2011

Drunken Drama

So Ariel and Ursula have just got in a massive argument.

I came back from spending some quality time with a close friend, and came home to well ... this.

I missed the beginning of the argument and i wont repeat what it was about ... but long story short Ursula was calling Ariel a bitch and a slag and all that, to which Ariel retaliated with simmilar comments and stormed off.

To later storm back in and try to have the final word.

To which Ursula made another snide comment in return.

To which Ariel retaliated and walked off.

Ariel was incredibly upset about the whole thing. I went upstairs after to make sure that she was ok. She told me that she used to idolise Ursula and "how could she be such a bitch?!". I know exactly what she means, she is right but at the same time, she is also wrong.

Ursula is and she isnt a bitch. I have grown up getting shit from her and making me feel worthless, but at the same time, she does have those times where she is incredibly nice and thoughtful and selfless.

Ursula gets like this from time to time and she has the ability to brush it off easily, so she wasnt as affected by the argument as Ariel was ... externally. But sometimes i do wonder about how much she hides from the world.

They have been drinking and sometimes i just want to slap them and make them listen, because they dont hate each other! They really dont, they have jsut had too much to drink and have a lot of pent up frustrations that all come tumbling out one by one at the drop of a pin.

I mean, i KNOW Ursula loves Ariel. Even after the argument, she went after Ariel to make sure she was safe. She even took the house phone incase Ariel tried to call her (obviously it wouldnt work, but hey! its the thought that counts). She then came up and asked me to try and call Ariel's mobile because she lost it, but she didnt want to upset her further ... hence me doing it.

I KNOW they love each other, and i think Ariel put it quite nicely. "We all try to be perfect ... but we all fail". Yes that is true, but it is that trying that makes us good people.

If this world were void of love and kindness, then it would be hell. I know that they love each other, at least as much as i love them but sometimes it is so hard to see it through all the shit.

Pretty soon i wont be here to help sort things out, and i know they dont need me to but sometimes they just need the voice of reason in their heads. Sisters fight ... but they still love each other.

It is just them getting caught up in the moment and things getting out of control. They let things slip out that they dont mean, or that that they dont mean in that way, causing a massive argument and hurt feelings, when it could have been resolved if they had just calmed down and talked about it.

I love my sisters, no matter what and no matter where i am, i just hope that they will emember that and remember that they love each other as well...


Micky said...

It's a good job you understand your sisters - coz I sure as heck don't understand women when they fight!

Wayne said...

Probably the reason I am not a fan of drinking; I got tired of people who drank just to let their frustrations out instead of having a good time. Call me a male sexist pig lol, but women always have a few crazy days every month if you know what I mean. Even though you have felt ignored at times, I think your sisters will always be there for you. - Wayne :)

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