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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Catty friece

Today though Jacks arm is bruised from the needles at the hosp he is doing a lot better. He is still resting but he did get online with me and also got on webcam looking fine as hell as ever. He even went to the movies with his sisters. He is trying to figure out some things before returning to blogging like him giving his mom his blog url on that night and if he wants to return to blogging start a new blog or what? I have advised him to stay here since he could not tell followers where to go and that his readers are here. But I assure you between the webcam session and the group chat with me and brad.  Who I had a phone convo with last night where we were very james saint james and micheal. Lol... We are ery alike and though we sometimes have our claws out we actaully enjoy each other company very much is delightful to have someone to talk to about this that knows jack and other things without him being in my circle and telling everyone.

But Jack of course thanks everyone for their comment and sends his love. He is always checking his email so if you wish to send him e cards to get well soon please do. And he understand no one thinks less of him over this and everything like that he just needs time to find himself.   Hang in there while he does.   Love<~Peter~>


Bradhunter93 said...

I know I'm excited cause i get to video with him today. And he seems to be doing well as far as i can tell. Jack does need to find himself and with great people at his side like his mom, and the rest of his family. Plus me and Peter....and everyone else who wants him to overcome this I know he will come through all of this a better person. anyway i just can't let peter give everyone the updates all the time we r too competitive for that...

Wayne said...

I know he can get through this and move on, and he has lots of people pulling for him including me. - Wayne (hugs)

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