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Saturday, 13 August 2011

My Pendant

Now, i've been reflecting alot on my life the last few days and i've got a lot of posts planned that i've missed out. So be prepaired ...

I've had my cartouche Pendant for just over 3 years.

I got it for my 15th birthday, and had wanted one for ages! I had wanted to wait until i was 16 because i knew how special it would be to me and that i wouldnt take it off until i died, but well ... i just couldnt wait.

And this has remained true until this day. The only time i take it off is when i go for a shower, because i dont want it to rust or the leather to break. It is my good luck charm, my sense of self, my reminder of who i am.
Wikipedia describes a Cartouche as "an ellipse with a horizontal line at one end, indicating that the text enclosed is a royal name"

It goes on to explain that "the oval surrounding their name was meant to protect him from evil spirits in life and after death. The cartouche has become a symbol representing protection from evil and good luck. Egyptians believed that if you had your name written down in some place, then you would not disappear after you died."

And i think this perfectly and accuratetly descrives what it means to me.

Its is something that will live on when i am no longer here. A triggar, if you will, to remind people of who i was.

I'm not so convinced on the whole, protecting from bad spirits and all that, but who knows ... maybe thats just it working.

And i'm not sure about it being good luck or not, but idk, its been with me every step of the way. Its been at every major event that has happened since i got it. If you look back over any photo's i've posted on here, i'm sure you'll see it hiding somewhere.

In a previous post i explained how i taught myself how to write Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics so that i could write down my deepest darkest thoughts without fear of being caught and questioned. And this was just a further expansion of this. Although i wasnt using it to write with and i wasnt changing the text on it, it acted as a reminder of those times. A reminder of the dedication and drive i have when i want something as well as never to let anyone close enough to steal your throughts and publically anounce them.

A reminder to be who i am regardless of what anybody says or does.

So i really wanted a cartouche and spent AGES trying to find one that personalised them, as well, they are supposed to have your name engraved in them. I finally found one and they sent me one that said FRANK.

I dont know if it was a mistake or they just thought that they could get away with it, but obviously i knew it was incorrect and what it said, so i told them and they sent me the correct one, for free! ... i still have the old one lol.

Mine on the right
So i now had the correct cartouche and i had it for quite a while but i was getting frustrated with having such a long necklace, so i decided i wanted a shorter one.
See the difference?
Much to my family's dismay.
The ammount of times i heard "its to short" i actually lost count and it really frustrated me. I mean, i dont care if it is too short, it is exactly the right length.
There are actually a few reasonswhy i got a shorter necklace:
  1. when i ran it would bounce around too much
  2. I wanted to feel it against me at all times to remind me of who i am and what it means to me
  3. I wanted it to be more visible than before
I had perfectly good reasons why i wanted to have a tight necklace but no one ever thought that, they just thought 'its too tight' or 'it makes you look gay' ... i dont care!
What i do care about, is how heartless and hurtful it was to hear that my reasons didnt matter and that out of everyone i knew, not one stuck up for me or asked why i got it shorter.
Not one.
So for all of you out there, just concider what you are saying to other people, and think about how it will affect them. Forcing your oppinion on someone else is not the way to go, especially when you dont give the time of day to listen to them in return.


Wayne said...

The Cartouche pendant is really nice and different; can't imagine why anyone would care if the necklace was long or short. The Emo hair is cute and I do believe you are approaching hottie territory. (and you definitely don't look fat!) I hope the riots are far away from you. Interestingly I saw a woman on the BBC news who was in contact with local gangs and was writing a book about them. She said that most of the rioters were the young ethnic guys who could not cope with the educational system. With no job prospects, no future, and too much idle time on their hands they figure they have nothing to lose. The school system is geared for the bright ones and ignore the young guys who have a tough time of it. The educational system needs to be more flexible; dropping out is unacceptable in modern society and these riots are the symptom. - Wayne

Rowan said...

The pendant suits you, Jack :)

I have one... kinda. I lost the pendant but i still have the chain.

It is (was) in the shape of a plectrum and says "Muse" on the front. It may just display my fanboyism for Muse but i think it shows my passion for music in general as well.

I also keep the chain without the pendant on at all times coz it was actually a gift from my cousin, the first person i ever came out to, so it means a lot and i understand where you're coming from with having a personal attachment to such an item.

Rowan <3

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