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Monday, 1 August 2011

Selfish or just plain Wrong?!

So i've had this post planned for about 4 months now and i've FINALY got arround to doing it. It's probably going to end up being a hypothetical questioning rant - think, so jsut bear with me lol.

So is bisexuality selfish ... or just plain wrong?!

Why do you ask that, i hear you yelling. Well it originated a long time ago, must have been arround October/November time, when my Sociology class got onto the topic of homosexuality and bisexuality, among other things.

Now this isnt actually that abnormal for us ... in one lesson, we can cover sexuality, pedophelia, beastiality, old age (including the sexual exploits of one Sticky Vicky ... shudder), abortions, monogomy and a bit of gossip lol.

So it wasn't particularly unusual to find yourself on a completely random topic (we were studying crime at the time btw lol ... so you can see just how random our class is), and this time we found ourselves talking about sexuality.

We had been on this topic once before, because we were talkign about homosexuality as being a sin (about a month before) and i simply pointed out that Leviticus in the bible also states that it is a sin to get a tatoo or to cut your hair (or something to that extent to all those bible-nuts out there) and yet we dont follow these. So you can't pick and choose what rules to follow in the bible, esspecially when they are from the same section/person.

Its all or nothing, i'm afraid.

So my class had a bit of a chuckle about me potentially being gay, to which i shrugged it off and as per usual we changed subject lol ... this was before i came out btw.

So anyway ... it was arround october/november when our class found ourselves back on this topic, when i heard something kind of shocking come from my teacher's mouth ...

"Bisexuals are just selfish personally, i mean everyone your age is now a bisexual, we didnt have that when i was a kid"

Now, she isnt particularly old and she didnt mean it in an offencive way, and its her own oppinion so i dont care that much; but it did shock me that some people think that way.

It's kind of hard to believe that there are some people out there who believe that people really DO choose their sexuality, and what's worse, is that they believe bisexuals are just greedy and selfish

... 'the best of both worlds'

To make things even more shocking is that my class went on to completely agree with her. I would have said something to argue the other side, but well ... i was naive and in the closet so i kept my mouth shut.

But at the same time, she does have a point. I mean, i think i've mentioned before that ALL but one of my school friends are either gay or bisexual, from our friendship group (and we have a theory that you attract others lol). So she does have a point that there are a LOT more bisexual people out there nowadays than like, a few years ago lol.

Is this people being more comfortable with sexuality in modern society, or is this actually just another excuse for rebellion?

Are people actually what they seem, i mean i was completely shocked at my class' reaction to this oppinion, and obviously they would have been shocked if i had come out to them then. So i mean, how much do we actually know a person?!

But i'm afraid that this old-fashioned oppinion could be going to more extreme measures in contemporary society.

There was a rumor that the watergate may be changing anf adapting, against homosexuality.

I don't know if other countries have a watergate or not, but for those that don't, its basically the concept that 'explicit' and non-child friendly content is not allowed to be shown before a certain time (9pm here), so parents know that if their children are exposed to this material, it is due to them letting them watch it past the 'safe' time.

So apparently, the government may be banning gay kissing before 9, as it sends the wrong message. I mean, they are trying to prevent and shelter children from confusing situations and trying to hide sexuality from children ... sounds respectible.

But shouldn't they ban heterosexual kissing too? I mean, isn't it sending the wrong message to the children of the world, that kissing someone of the same sex is wrong and should be hidden.

Surely if they showed it in daytime television more, true it may require a few more explanations as to why "that man is kissing that man" ... but once that is out of the way, it would send the message that society accepts you regardless of who you want to kiss!

Is this just a feable attempt to ensure that the heterosexual dominated society maintains its power?
Is this just a pathetic attempt to try to make society move backwards, and away from equality?
Is this just a shameful attempt to ensure that the responsibilty of parenting children is placed on Television instead of the parents?


Rowan said...

Well, your teacher saying that is quite interesting but it's probably coz a lot of gay kids in school say they're bi coz gay is a step further that they're working towards.

Trust me, i'm one of them :P

But bisexuals being selfish? Even if that was the case (and i don't believe it is) it all comes back round to choice. Nobody chooses to be gay or bi, or even straight for that matter, so i think she's talking a load of crap tbh.

As for your final questions there, i believe that heterosexuality will always dominate, mostly because the majority of society are indeed heterosexual. Just the way it is.


But the whole watershed issue is confusing because Britain in particular seems to be pushing more for equality. I can't fathom that one but i'm against it nonetheless.

Rowan <3

Billy said...

Sexuality is not a choice. If you're attracted to both males and females you're bisexual, it's just the way you are. Years ago most bisexuals chose to repress their same-sex attraction for understandable reasons. In today's more tolerant world they feel freer to express that side of their sexuality. This has to be a wondeful thing. The "greedy" accusation is just jealousy. For some, bisexuality is a step on the way to self-acceptance as an openly gay person, but plenty of people are indeed bisexual.

naturgesetz said...

OMG Chris Colfer is going bald!

Straight, bi, or gay, everybody can choose whether or not to have sex, and — if they do — the standards they will follow with respect to such things as promiscuity/monogamy/fidelity. I'm not saying there is no right or wrong, just that nobody has to do anything that they believe is wrong, and everybody should have some self-control.

Wayne said...

Personally I believe true bisexuals who have an EQUAL sexual urge for both sexes are relatively rare. I think ultimately one has a stronger sexual urge for one sex over the other. I am not talking about emotional attraction or if you enjoy being with the opposite sex; sexuality is about the sexual urge and who it is directed at. For example lots of homosexuals enjoy the company of women but the sex is always with guys. I tried going with a girl for a few years in my twenties including sex, but that did not make me 'bisexual' cos I knew my sexual passion was for guys and I hated the deceit. I was greatly relieved when it ended.
-Every guy instinctively knows what his sexual urge is directed at; what welds his knob to his navel, it is no great mystery. Admitting it is another thing. Too many gay guys are hiding behind the 'bisexual' label and I can't say I really blame them considering the homophobic attitudes of society still in this day and age. Whatever is the stronger sexual urge; for girls or for guys is your sexuality. A mild sexual attraction for the opposite sex does not make you 'bisexual'. Ask the middle-aged men with families in divorce court after they are finally caught messing with guys.
-I get a laugh at the 'Family Channel' where there is rarely even a hint of homosexuality which is most rampant among young people before adolescence. - Wayne :) (glad you are feeling better Jack!)

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