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Sunday, 21 August 2011


Hey guys this is Peter taking over for a while yes I have permission from Jack to do this. Even though I could have just done this yesterday when my permissions wouldnt work on commenting hmm Jack I wonder why. But Jack has had a long day and will not be posting for a little while he has some things to work out and right now is reovering he is now in contact with me through texts. Thought I will not say what happened I will say it was failed and that he is now home resting. Please stop any needing medical or professnile help comments as Jack has a fear of doctors and/or counsulars and I really do not need these sorts of comments to upset him when he comes back which is why they have been removed from the blog and and the parts not protianing to them repost as a comment from under this blog post.

too jack I love you and I always will I wish you did not do this but I am glad it failed and we have a lot to talk about....

Thanks guys for all the help and things of that sort now it is time for Jack to start over and figure things out and I am sure when he is up for it agian he will be back to blogging as always Love<~Peter~>


Jack xx said...

I take any hints of this talk very seriously and you should realize that a lot of people who read your blog DO care, and your family more than you think. Please please post again and tell us you are ok! - Wayne

Bradhunter93 said...

Too Jack we also have a lot to talk about and I'm glad u failed as i told u that whole night. I miss u terribly and can't wait to see u again.... cause I'm only me when I'm with you :)

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