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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Run Away

So this is the end of my whole, self-reflecting story-segment that i've been doing lately lol.

When i was a kid, i felt overlooked and unappreciated, i couldnt help it, and it just wanted to run away. Get as far away from here as i could. The more distance, i would tell myself. If i was gone, they would have to miss me and maybe, jsut maybe, they would want me back.

I ran away a total of 17 times.

Each time was different. It began at a VERY young age. I dont remember how old, but it was at the time where i was too afraid to actually run away incase something dangerous happened to me. So i would write a note saying i'm running away and i never want to see them again, and would hide in my little wardrobe.

Sounds cute i know, but i was deadly serious. I was intrigued to see how they would react and if they actually cared for me at all.

The first time they had a brief search before they found my hiding. From then on, they wouldnt even search. I left hurtful notes about how i "hated Ariel" for this that and the other, which apparently only made my running away attempts all the moe cuter ... enough so that they kept these notes, but not enough for them to look for me.

As i grew older, i branched out. I decided to venture out into the great wide world rather than hide in my crampt wardrobe. Still not a word from y family. It was like i had never even left! So i decided up to the antics.

... perhaps they didnt see my note?! i would think, so i would put it in increasingly more obvious spaces. And more obvious. And more obvious...

At one point i even put up an Umbrella in the hallway blocking the stairs completely, and attached my note to it. I later found out Ariel had taken down the Umbrella and hadnt even seen the note ... or cared...

So it got the the stage where i would be gone for hours on end and no one would even notice i was gone. So i wrote another note and this time i hid on the shed. It sounds sad, but i HAD to know what they said when i wasnt there, or if they even noticed i was gone.

Turns out that they all thought i was upstairs in my room for several hours. This actually really upset me. I mean, how could my own family not realise that i have been missing all day?! Even WITH a note?

Did they just not care?

But you see, the reason why i was even more upset was because my sister Ursula had ran away from home once before and it was completely different.

I cant remember why she ran away, or if she did even run away, but the point is, she was missing for one night and my parents did everything possible to find her! They sent out a search party and spent practically all night looking! I remember a helicopter but that may have just been coincidence.

My family cared more about my sister leaving than they did about me.

Nowdays i could be gone for days on end before they even realised i was missing. FACT


Micky said...

So glad you didn't totally run away coz you wouldn't be here now and we'd miss you anyway.


Wayne said...

Maybe your time at university this fall will make them realize how much they miss you. I remember getting a second hand bicycle as a kid while my two brothers got new ones lol. No sense hanging on to grudges Jack, time to move on and look after number one. - Wayne :)(17 times?!)

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