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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

getting better?

16:05] Peter: bitch whats up[16:06] Jack: not much ho[16:06] Jack: you?[16:06] Peter: bored[16:06] Peter: bitch

yeah he is def! feeling better lol Love<~Peter~>


naturgesetz said...

Thanks for the news. LOL

Roop said...

I can't tell you how happy "The number of days till I return!" has made me.

Rowan said...

I managed to talk to Jack some last night for a little while and he seemed good :)

naturgesetz said...

I hadn't noticed that "Number of days until I return" count. That's good news indeed!

Jay M. said...

Oh yeah, I'd say he's MUCH better!
Peace <3

Wayne said...

So glad Jack is doing ok. - Wayne :)

Micky said...

This is a bit like it was giving up smoking. Counting the days. And it's just as hard.

tman said...

Glad to hear that you're still with us, Jack! You scared me pretty badly... I hope you know that we NEED you and your creativity as well. Life would be pretty dull if everyone was just the same. Feel better. You've been missed! luv, tman<3

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