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Thursday, 18 August 2011


Media                      A
English                     B
Sociology                C
Maths                      D


naturgesetz said...

Congrats on the good ones. Too bad about the poorer ones.

What does it all mean for the next stage of your life?

Rowan said...

Media and English are better subjects than Sociology and Maths anyhow :P

Well done, Jack.

Rowan <3

WARPed said...

I could tell you were anti-sociology...


-"WARPed" Andy

Micky said...

Wot do you mean? I only ever passed two. So WELL DONE!

Please could you interpret? Does that make it work for you?

Anonymous said...

Very good, Jack! Maybe you won't solve that weird math problem everyone is talking about, but you'll be off to Uni in just a few weeks! You must be EXCITED!!! YAY FOR YOU!!!

Peace <3

Wayne said...

Math is just review and practice. In math you are either right or wrong, close does not count. If you take another math course try and appreciate the beauty and truth of it (and work a little harder). You do lean toward the artsy side though. Maybe get into teaching? - Wayne :)

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