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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Only Hope

So my sisters had some of their friends over last night for a games night ...

we played one drinking game and two short card games. The rest was us drinking haha.

But it was a REALLY fun night. We then decided to go to town clubbing, kind of a spur of the moment thing. I didnt do much, but i spent the night with my sister's friend's boyfriend because neither of us danced and we were the only guys there.

Got really drunk and am suffering today a bit but it was worth it. Besides, i wont be able to do this very soon.

On a side-note i also found out my sister's friend's brother came out to her the night before, and she asked me to talk to him because she doesnt know what to say ... it only just hit me that i found out her brother was at least bi about 7 months ago haha, when his friend tried hitting on me and we may or may not have kissed.

So i feel a bit bad about that, but i'll stick to my promise and i'll drop him a line.

But anyway, this post is about my sisters Ariel and Ursula.

Now i know i dont have a perfect relationship with them. We often fight and argue. Throw the odd punch. Push each other down the stairs. Run them over.

You know ... the usual sibling rivalry.

And i know i rip into them a bit on here and in life but i do love them. They are there for me when i need them and they try to love me back. Heck, half of the time it feels like they are the only ones who actually notice me.

I mean, Ursula's always been mean to me and stuff, like calling me names, blaming me and all that, but she does have these moments where you can just tell that she cares. However brief or well hidden, you can see it.

Like yesterday i was reading in my room, and well my eyes water when i read (i dont know why) and she came in to use my lappy, but she asked if i was ok and was wondering why i was crying and she made a point to tell me that she will be there for me.

I know i have a better relationship with Ariel, we are a lot alike so naturally we will get on better. We have the same sense in movies, music, we do a lot together, we spend more time together and all that, but it doesnt mean i dont love them differently. They are my sisters, and no matter how much they get on my nurves , i wouldnt change them for anyone.

No matter how much they drive me insane, i'll always be with them one way or another, looking out for them.

No matter how much i hate them, i love them.

This is my sister's favorite song from her favorite movie, and i've had it saved on here for quite a while, jsut waiting for a post i can couple it with and i think it will do quite nicely.

Its just a shame that this wont last and i wont be able to do things like this with them any more. Even the small things like standig in the kitchen gossiping, or getting ready to go out or going shopping with my nan! I'll miss being able to do all of this with them.

They've always been there for me growing up, even if it didnt feel like it, and i hate that i wont be able to be there for them when they most need it.


Anonymous said...

Just because you're headed off to uni does not mean your family life stops. You'll be home for holidays, and school breaks, and that time will be even more special (and probably less unhappy) because it's spaced out and perhaps not as predictable. Your sisters are special, and as you say, there may be a bit of hate mixed in with the love. But you'll still be special to them and vice-versa, and in this technology enabled age, you'll be able to stay in touch, even if you can't push each other down the stairs!

Peace <3

Wayne said...

I knew your sisters love you more than you know. Friends may come and go but your siblings are there for you in the long run. Definitely give your friend's brother a call about the coming out thing. Look after the hangover lol. - Wayne :)

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