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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Back at Last!


No, I’m not dead! Just returning from a mandatory vacation.

Well not really a vacation, more ‘a visit to hell’. My laptop got a nasty virus on Friday and it has taken a week to get it fixed. Cost a small ransom, but I needed it to be able to LIVE!

But I will be honest that as this is my 101st post, I wanted to make it something more special, and make this my re-vamp!


Yes, for a long time now I have felt that my blogging has not gone the way I wanted it to, and has just become a menial diary where I dictate my bland life to you. No point arguing, we all know its true. So I have several instalments – and hopefully improvements – to make. So here they go:

I want to reflect upon life in general, so my posts will still contain what’s been happening in my life, but I want to be more theoretical. What’s the point in focusing on how I trod in Dog Faeces, if I’m not going to rant about why people cant clean up their messes.
I hope to post instalments of my novel (and/or sort stories on here) as I am an aspiring novelist. HA. I have been writing it since I was 7, where each attempt failed. I think the first time I tried to write a book, it lasted a page and a half. Start to finish! But this one is going well, so why not post it online?!
I will be opening up an Agony Uncle section, where people can send me questions of varying nature, and I will try my best to offer REAL advice x People usually confide in me and I try my best to help them out, so I thought, why should that be limited to physicality? I mean, just because I cant touch you guys, doesn’t mean you might not need help. It would all be confidential, and so I hope I get a few replies :)
There may be adverts coming up soon, as, well, me and Peter felt any help towards paying for plane tickets would be needed haha. I don’t know how badly this will affect my blog, hopefully not too much, but you’ll be there every step of the way with me :) ... hopefully.
And on that note, me and Peter have been discussing whether we should implement a donation section. A few incredibly generous people have offered substantial amounts to help (or practically) pay for me to see Peter, but due to stubbornness, our hatred for borrowing and a few other factors we turned them down. They shall remain nameless, upon request, but I just wanted to let them know how much it meant. However, we were brought back to the idea we had when we first started dating of having a donations section on our blog, where people could donate smaller, amounts IF THEY SO WISH! (sorry, I just don’t want people to feel pressured). We are not asking for money, nothing near it, and at the moment it is just talk, but people could donate smaller amounts if they want to, in exchange for more and more varied content. A kind of, payment, if you wish.

So these are the changes I will be making to my blog:
1.       Theoretical content, that reflects upon life
2.       Short stories/novel segments
3.       Agony Uncle
4.       Possibly Adverts
5.       Possibly Donations
Any feedback or advice is sorely needed ad appreciated! Oh, and if there is anything else you want to see up here, just say so :)
And I won’t hold it against any followers if they ‘un’ follow. My log will not be what you signed up for, so I hope none go, but its ok :) I’m not going to hunt you down ... much. Haha.

Jack xx


Anonymous said...

I'm in it for the long haul. No unfollowing here. And I like the new look!

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack... I can't wait to read what you wrote... was wondering where you went, actually! It sounds like a good plan, and, btw, I meant what I told Peter, with the stipulation that he is working hard towards his GED... But, whatever works for you guys, and what you're comfortable with works for me. luv, tman<3

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear about the virus attack: both stressful and expensive, by the sound of it. Apropos of this, I e-mailed you on Tuesday evening; if it's reached you and you're thinking about it, that's fine; if it's disappeared between my computer and yours, please let me know and I'll re-send it.

I like the new look: it's certainly brighter and more colourful than the old one! One very minor downside: if I move the mouse over a link, it puts the text in white, which is a bit awkward against a white background.

I'll be interested to see the new-style content as well: I signed up for your blog, and your blog is whatever you choose to put in it. I would suggest, though, that you might like to start a new blog for your fiction, especially if it's long enough to need several posts, otherwise the flow of the story may well get broken up by the "ordinary" posts.

Take care


Jack xx said...

Thanks Jay :)
Not quite sure what you mean Tman, but oh well, thanks for the kind words :)
And yes the email did reach me Mark, i'll respond to is VERY soon lol, sorry, i've just been a bit bogged down atm x

As for content layout, i was concidering making a second blog but i thougth not only would that be a lot more effort (haha) but they would feel too seperate. But i was going to post the info normally, but then make pages with the links to those posts. That way it can all be cronological :)

As for my blog, i'll have to look into that, but i'm not sure if this layout is permanent or not, it wasnt what i originally wanted. We'll see.

Thanks again everyone :) xx

Wayne said...

I bite the bullet and pay good ole Norton $85 a year for protection; I don't trust the 'feebies' on the Internet. Never have a problem. It's a good idea to freshen your blog on occasion and try some new things. Why not throw the fishing line out for some donations; there are some incredibly generous well-off gay people out there but as a retiree I have financial realities lol. Still it is the drama that hooks lots of us commenters! bfn - Wayne :)(nice you and Peter are together)

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