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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Life by Moonlight: Part 2

Last Time:
The sound of crashing metal echoed  throughout his mind as he focussed on the creature. Attack after attack, he avoided the deathly swings, but never able to attack, himself. Then, he missed. The creature dropped its left arm and sliced his chest open. It all went suddenly silent. As his eyes lowered, he looked at his blood covered hands, and it all went dark.

The mountainous ridges rose sharply on two sides forming the Greenhorn Valley. With seldom wind, seeds fell close to their parents forming a sheltered area that engulfed the mountains in a sea of greenery. Its strategic location allowed an even mixture of the seasons, causing its inhabitants to receive heat and snow, at opposite times of the year. Due to its position, the mountains escaped the sun, fleeing from the light to cause no shadow over the valley. Clouds were a rarity here, and when they did appear, they surrounded the lush mountaintops and sent a thick mist flowing down before it. The mist would creep up like a panther, silent and deadly, only providing you with a few feet of visibility. Deep in the depths of the surrounding forests, scattered settlements cascaded their way towards the valley floor, trying to reach the sanctity of flat ground. In the centre of the valley, ran the river Crystal, that provided life to all of its inhabitants. The valleymen were a private group who barely travelled beyond the protective mountains. Leaving the valley was both the greatest honour and the worst punishment, but they always ended with the same result. No return. Teachers and scientists had always been trusted to explore their confinements, filled with an air of arrogance and wonder, they reached the ridge and were never seen or heard from again. They knew little about the outside world, only learning from daring merchants wishing to seek business and trade. Superstition and stereotypes were taught in school as fact, and were never proved wrong.
They were all happy and content with their lives, only thinking about the day before and the day yet to come. All but one. A young boy who had always felt that life had something greater in store for him. He had always sought adventure and freedom in his sleepy prison, searching for some way to escape.
Wil was sixteen, although his inquisitive nature made him seem more boyish. No emotion touched him that did not instantly register in his expression and sincerity shone in him like a beacon. He was impulsive, extravagant and not overly bright; however, it was impossible not to like him. He had bronzed skin that had been sun touched, from working on his father’s farm all day and although he was not the strongest boy in the valley, what he lacked in strength, he made up for in spirit. He often wore leather pants and a tunic that were suitable for everyday work and relaxation. His deep brown eyes appeared so shockingly loving and innocent, they seemed almost oblivious to the danger that lay out there. He was half elf - on his mother’s side - and although he was the splitting image of his father, he still retained those distinctive and graceful characteristics of his mother. He had her slim nose, thin arched eyebrows and slightly pointed ears, hidden under his brown locks.
His coarse brown hair hung in his eyes as he stood, leaning on the windowsill, looking out across the valley, as his mother called him. Her sweet voice cut through the spring air, like a blade, but was not harsh on the ears. It filled your mind and made you want to hear more. Sweet, succulent aromas wafted in the air and through their home, to be warmly greeted. He instantly pushed away from the window and followed its delectable sent. His mother was standing over the range, putting the evenings dinner in the stove and stirred the half dozen pots, that sat on top. Her long flaxen hair, hung down and over her back in waves of gold. She wore a bland dress, of deep brown, that tightly hung to her and fell to about the knees. Although she was plain woman, who took little joy in anything but her family and home, she had a certain regality about her. She was soft and kind, and always knew just what to do or say. She was very intelligent, and seemed to know just what you were doing and appeared the split second something was broken. But despite this, she was full of life and forgiveness, there was nothing to big.
“Honestly Will, you waste all of you time doing silly and pointless things, its time for you to do something constructive. Go and help your father on the farm, he needs you.” This was more an order than a suggestion, but he did it anyway, exiting the room and muttering to himself as he did so.

To Be Continued ...


Anonymous said...

miss you Love<~peter~> p.s. lots

Jack xx said...

I thought you lost you internet?

Anonymous said...

And it just keeps getting better. Wow, Jack, you do have some talent.

Peace <3

Jack xx said...

Thanks Jay. I have at lease 5 more posts of this, but hopefully i'll write more lol

wldbl01 said...

Good Stuff, Jack!


-"WARPed" Andy

Wayne said...

I am thinking of your beautiful descriptions and the sense of adventure, and the games you used to play with your best friend. Nicely done Jack. bfn - Wayne :)

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