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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Life by Moonlight: Part 4

Last Time:
“I awoke-” His brow was deep in concentration and his eyes unfocused. “Covered in blood. I carried on, from where the nightmare ended. I was cut from the shoulder to the chest, but was not wounded. My shirt glistened red and I was covered in sweat. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt”
“But why are they back?”
“I don’t think they are. They are something new, something different, but I don’t know what.”
“But they are only dreams.” She reassured him
“Are they?” he left the question hanging there, unknowing.
Aurora was a young girl of fifteen who lived life to the full and enjoyed every moment. Her hair was the colour of honey, and had streams of gold flowing down her back, while her eyes were a warm, golden brown, that were deep and inviting. She wore a simple, knee high dress that hung from her body in rivets if light brown. Her expression was youthful and serious but there was just a hint of a dimple in each of her cheeks.
They sat together, talking and admiring the ever-changing view, until the sun had set and all time had lost meaning. The sky merged with red and gold, as Aurora lent against Wills shoulder, her golden locks glistening in the light, as they sat in silence and watched that beauty surrounding them. Realising how late it was, they exchanged quick goodbyes and he was on his way. Shadows tailed him at every corner, reaching out for him, and it became a race against time. The tree’s whirled past as he rode on, not daring to stop and look back. The scenery became a smudge of brown and green as he raced for freedom, from his woodland cage. One by one the stars emerged, transforming the nights sky into a blaze of light, illuminating everyone and everything. At last he escaped the labyrinth only to find himself trapped in another one, but one he knew, none the less. It was only a matter of time.

The slanting rays of the morning, flowed through the window in bursts of life, illuminating Wills surroundings. The distant hills were congealed with the morning dew, and frost still hung in the air, while the rocky ground was littered with perfumed flowers. The sweet, soothing song of the Nightingales had been replaced by that of the morning Robin, and the fragrant heather, that waited by the cottage wall, flowed through the air.
A loud crash came from the door, as Will awoke with a start. The door swung open as an all too familiar figure emerged. It was Aurora. Her energetic mood, instantly told Will that something was afoot.
“Hurry up and get Dressed! He’s here”, her voice was misleading and contradicting to her face. Although he could definitely hear an urgency in her tone, there was no danger or alarm in her expression, but rather anxiety and excitement.
“Who’s here?”
“Wait and see”. Aurora was constantly playing these games. Always showing and never telling. After a quick debate, Will surrendered and was left alone with his thoughts.
To Be Continued ...


jaygeemmm said...

This is so cool. You keep making want the next episode NOW! Thanks, Jack, excellent story.

Peace <3

Wayne said...

Your descriptive powers are amazing and I'm wondering where this is going. Sword and sorcery or maybe a heterosexual love theme? Ah, life is so much more exciting for the young. bfn - Wayne :)

Jack xx said...

Haha thanks Jay, but you’ll have to wait each week for the next instalment. Is should probably continue to write this lol, only got a few more ‘penned’ as they say :P

Wow, thanks Wayne! I’m usually a descriptive person, but was actually wondering if I am too descriptive and don’t leave enough up to the audience’s imagination :/ as for whats coming up, you’ll just have to wait and see lol. I’ve got the story planned out perfectly – have done since I was 7 – so feel free to gossip or question :P its very unlikely to change the events proceeding :P

Thanks for the support, Jack xx

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