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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Saved by the Bell

So on the contrary to my last post, and despite being sad, depressed and alone, I’ve had a pretty good past few days.

We’ve had a nice mini-heat wave that’s meant you an now dare to emerge from your hidie-hole without being bombarded with coats and scarves. Its almost shorts-weather. Almost.

So due to the sun, I’ve been in a bit of a good mood. I like sunny cloudless days, but not the heat ... annoying much?! Haha. Also my friends and I have migrated outside of our college to the grass and have little picnics there. Well they do.

Also, yesterday, I was late into college and passing through the town centre, when I passed a nice lady asking a shopkeeper where the Station is. I was kinda tempted to just keep walking and be on my way, but then I thought, what the heck! I want to do something nice. So I just walked over and said “excuse me, I’m going to the station if you want me to take you there.”

She was a really nice woman, and we had a little chat on the way, about the housing market, the reason why she is in town and even her home-town. I don’t know what it is about older people, but their generation are a lot more open and friendly than ours. I hope we’ll become like that, I cant imagine what the world would be like if it was ruled by the chav-goth divide O.o

Lessons have been kind of random and pointless, like there is literally no point me coming in for them but I have to and I cant risk not turning up and missing something. Although, we got a nice surprise in Maths today. The fire alarm went off just as we were about to start a newer – and much harder – topic ... saved by the bell?


And for all you cryptographers out there, have a go at this, I’ll be updating it every post. Email your answers to, the big mystery shall be revealed very soon!. You’ll win the coveted ‘Confronting the Confused Medal’ and the chance to join an elite society where you get to mock those who didn’t decipher it :P
Ok, so here it the next clue:   14.336.20145.1208700


A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

I think you've set the posting date on this a day too early: it's coming up as Friday 25/03/11 00:00, rather Saturday 26/03/11 00:00. Hence it's out of the reading order I think you want, and the puzzle clue probably doesn't work either.


I agree: the sunny weather is very welcome, especially after the last couple of months of almost continuous dull grey skies.

I think people do often become more outgoing as they get older, perhaps because they have more experience and consequently feel more confident about themselves. And I suspect the current generation of chavs and goths are likely to find themselves submerged in the uniformity of the workplace.

If one of my maths lessons had been interrupted by a fire alarm, I think I would have been disappointed and irritated, rather than happy. But I suspect I'm in a fairly small minority on this :-)

Take care


Jack xx said...

Thanks, the whole midight-time-thing confuses me :/

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

Yes, it's not obvious which of two days midnight is supposed to be in, when it's actually the instant that divides them. In the 24-hour clock, 00:00 is the start of the day, i.e. just before 00:01 the same day. Just to make the point, I have very occasionally seen 24:00 used as the time following 23:59. Then there's the AM / PM thing with 12 o'clock - at which point I avoid the whole messy situation, and just use noon (or midday) and midnight.

Take care


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