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Monday, 7 March 2011

Am I Blind?

So the other day I was walking home from college when I walked past this guy who was sat on a fence. He was middle aged, smoking, worried look on his face. I felt like stopping and checking like he was ok, like any normal kind-hearted human being; but instead I just kept walking.

I felt genuinely worried for the man as he looked quite upset, but I just couldn’t bring myself to stop. I kept telling myself that he’s ok and he’ll be fine. It was just my imagination; but how do I know that?!

I mean, I know other people from other generation would stop if I was acting like that. I know there are these people out there, but where? And why aren’t I one of them?

What if my generation don’t do this, out of fear of looking stupid? What if we never grow up to care for one another. We would just be a group of people, living as a community, but being disjointed, alone within a sea of others.

If we don’t get this sense of morality and passion for other people, what then? Will all civilisation be lost? If we can’t learn this, then how do we expect our children to? Or their children? Where will this skill be picked up again?

Or will it? We could be like so many of our animal predecessors: extinct.

WE need this love and compassion for one another to survive. Yes, it is survival of the fittest outside, but if we all banded together, then we all win.

Society needs us.

Jack xx


Billy said...

Don't feel too hard on yourself. Part of the process of maturing is to respond to those guilty feelings and reach out to others a bit more. That's hard when you're in the middle of the insecurities of adolescence. As time goes by you feel more confident in your own skin and it's easier to do.

Micky said...

Jack you're so right.

Next time it happens you'll take a closer look, yeah? and maybe at least exchange the time of day - assuming that it's in a well public place with other people around.

I mean - now you're an adult . . .

Kemptoo said...

It is true that there is not much caring in life today. But in saying that, a lot of people have been taken for a ride or worse when they have extended a hand. It is caution in the possibility of being taken advantage of.

Next time act on your concern, but be aware of where you are & the situation. Some people use this to gain advantage. Not all, weigh up the situation.

Wayne said...

If I see someone in dire distress I would definitely try and help, but I don't like to get involved in other people's situations unless I know them fairly well so don't feel too guilty Jack. Some people are messed up on booze and drugs and will take advantage; you don't want to take on other people's serious problems to your own detriment. Homeless people can also be directed to social agencies for help. Many people are deserving of help and others bring it on themselves with a chronic lack of self discipline and manipulation of other people. I do care about the misfortunes of others but always with a bit of suspicion; there are two sides to every story. bfn - Wayne

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