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Friday, 18 March 2011


Hey everyone!

Sorry, I’m having quite a good day. It started out kinda shit, I was feeling really self-conscious on the way into college and I thought I was late so I was racing in, but it kind of stopped there.

I go into college on time so I went straight to my lesson. Maths.

Usually I hate it – especially because we are doing Integration. Which just remined me when I was in the lesson of a VERY short but funny conversation we had in Sociology the other day:

Teacher: I don’t know why so few girls take Maths on past GCSE
Student 1: Because you are given a choice to, and we choose not to.
Teacher: I hate maths, too much numbers and letters.
Student 2: I know! And sometimes there are no numbers at all, just letters! Thats practically English!

Haha, oh how I love my class. But its very true, usually with Integration, there are practically no numbers.  So I was having fun in my lesson and understood it, which is quite complex stuff, and then I got chatting to my friend (?) – I question it because we only hang out in Maths haha, but we get on :) So we spent most of the lesson talking to each other about Uni and courses etc.
Yay for Integration!

Then instead of doing work like I usually do in my free periods, I stayed with my friends and socialised. We played so many card games; butterfly, pyramid, shit-head, irish snap and so forth. As well as playing Plants Vs Zombies (best game I’ve played in a long time haha).

Oh, I’ve also been asked to both train some first year students on the more advanced media equipment  (I also taught them the regular ones too :P) and to join a few more media projects; like in a week or so I’ll be filming a college event and using LIVE EDITING, omg I’m so nervous haha. But it will be fun.

And then last lesson: sociology; we had a quiz. Its become like tradition. Our team name was Jackalus because my friend said it as a joke, but we couldn’t think of one, so it stuck. We were winning from the start, but wern’t far ahead as there was only one other team and the questions were kind of easy, so we couldn’t ‘steal’ them.

But some were really hard, like “the percentage of female students taking engineering in education in 2007”.

So in the end we were 4 point ahead with one question left: worth 10 points.

Closest number wins.

The question was “what percentage of women are there in the top 10 Law firms in the UK”. And to make things more complicated, it wasn’t a whole-number percentage! WTF?! How were we going to win this?! Haha.

WE were pretty certain it would be 11.something or 15.something, but any variation ofthe two. Then our friend said she thought it ended in a 9. Ok, so we narrowed it down! We decided to go with 15.9.

The other team went with 16.9.

We were EXACTLY correct and won! It’s only a small victory and everything, but it means a lot to me haha. We won with 14 point in the lead and remembered a statistic that is ridiculous.

Oh, and my teacher found it hilarious that I remembered a sociological study on Wonder woman. Random?

Ok, so this has nothing to do with today, but its a GREAT song!

And for all you cryptographers out there, have a go at this, I’ll be updating it every post. Email your answers to, the competition closes on Thursday. You’ll win the coveted ‘Confronting the Confused Medal’ and the chance to join an elite society where you get to mock those who didn’t decipher it :P

Ok, so here it is:   7.173.10380.622800

Good Luck, Jack xx


Anonymous said...

It's sooooo good to hear about you having a good time! This is a great post for you, and IMHO, way overdue. Keep it up, and you'll be happy like this every day! (And did you steal my maths picture? Looks suspiciously like the one I stole from Google Images! HAHAHAHAHA)
I go to bed tonight with a smile on my face!
Peace <3

Anonymous said...


That's my old phone number. My mom would sew it and my name into my underwear. She REALLY didn't want it lost... And that's why I have no friends now. Or at least the reason I'm choosing to believe. :) - jeff

Wayne said...

Gotta love math; no bullshit here, you are either right or wrong; math is about the truth. (and Isaac Newton was one smart guy!) Nice to see you in a better mood and having some fun, that's more like it. Looks like I'm going to get mocked lol. bfn - Wayne :)

Micky said...

Awww my brain 'urts, Brian!

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