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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

100th Birthday

Yes its true. It is my 100th Birthday.

No, not age! It's my 100th post, and so I wanted to thank all of my kind followers. I have changed so much over the past few months and you have all been there with me, as the journey unfolds. So i wanted you all to get to know me a bit better.

Its tradition here that you get a Birthay Card from the
Queen on your 100th Birthday :P

I promised myself that if I got to my 100th post, that i would do this, so here goes


  1. My name is Jack. Yes, really.
  2. I have brown eyes.
  3. I have dark brown hair that grown ridiculously quickly.
  4. My favourite colour is dark blue.
  5. I live in England, near to London. That’s all you get, unknown people :P
  6. I constantly use slang like "lol" way too much, but I think it shows how I want the info to be interoperated.
  7. I have many pet peeves, but I hate, hate, HATE it when people walk too slow in front of you.  I think they do it on purpose ¬¬
  8. I am annoyingly indecisive.
  9. I don’t have a favourite food, music, place ect.
  10. I do not have a middle name
  11. I have adopted the name ‘Tyler’ for a middle name, because Peter gave it to me.
  12. I have a cat called Mischief, who I love to pieces.
  13. I have to do things evenly, such as the TV Volume or even when I eat things.
  14. My clothes have to match colour.
  15. I have had 37 ex-girlfriends. Yes, 37.
  16. I was an incredibly frigid child.
  17. I broke my arm when I was 4.
  18. I fell of a slide, causing number 8.
  19. I LOVE the “mummy” and all other associative programmes/films.
  20. I am more about personality than looks, although I am kinda shallow. I mean, I have to be attracted to the person for it to work!
  21. When I first meet someone, I usually look at their eyes or hair first.  
  22. I don’t have a ‘type’ but I prefer ‘normal’ guys. (not all bones or all muscle ect).
  23. I'm a virgin for both guys and girls.
  24. I would have (had) sex with a girl if the opportunity presented itself.
  25. If I think someone is good looking, I usually fiddle with my hair a lot.
  26. I am a procrastinator, if there is an excuse not to do something, I will find it. I’m like a human sniffer dog.
  27. I used to be really picky with food.
  28. I used to ONLY eat Jam sandwiches.
  29. I then moved onto Ham Sandwiches.
  30. Then Spam. Told you I was picky.
  31. When I’m alone I sometimes talk to myself.
  32. I think being weird is cool, quirky and cute.
  33. I am a love-drunk. (ie. I say I love you” a million times)
  34. I have a nasty habbit of using technology while being drunk. Not good :/
  35. I went through a period where I smoked cigarettes for a while. Not proud of it but I quit, when my sisters boyfriend caught me. He didn’t tell.
  36. I have never smoked marijuana, although I would like to try it once.
  37. I have an addictive personality. Like, I check facebook and blogger religiously.
  38. I had braces for 4 years.
  39. They said I’d have them for 2 ¬¬
  40. I used to LOVE Simpsons. I still do, but not as much.
  41. I have every series of it on DVD.
  42. I have over 300 of their comics, including the first 10 ever. Told you ... addictive.
  43. I have 2 older sisters, but countless younger cousins.
  44. I HATE the thought of people laughing at me.   
  45. J'ai parler un peu francais.
  46. I also know a lot of Russian Insults. (My ex taught me).
  47. I am a big grammar and punctuation freak (or as Peter would say ... Dork).
  48. I found it very difficult to spell as a child. I could spell difficult, but probably not very.
  49. I constantly loose at games with my friends. Especially Monopoly and Super Mario Party 8.  
  50. I used to do Hurdles in school and was quite good at them.
  51. I LOVE Shakespeare to pieces. I even researched his mysterious ‘dedication’.
  52. I love the smell of new books.
  53. I hate the sound it makes when people play with styrofoam.
  54. I LOVE the cold. I even leave my window open at night.
  55. I have had trouble sleeping since I was a child, but no one in my family believes me that I used to pretend to sleep.
  56. For some people the highlight in the morning is urinating. For me it is a cold glass of orange juice.
  57. My and my great nan do crossword puzzles when we’re together in the evening.
  58. I come from a long line of gardening experts. My dad and great nan can both name the latin names of plants they see.
  59. My dad used to be a tree surgeon.
  60. My mum, her dad AND her mum were all psychiatric nurses.
  61. I multitask constantly. Right now I have the TV, a computer game, MSN, Blogger, Facebook and Google open.
  62. I was taught to never give up as a child.
  63. I used to bite my nails really badly, but I’ve almost completely stopped.
  64. I used to suck my thumb as a child.
  65. My mum tried to get me to stop by putting this blue stuff, that tasted disgusting, on it. I didn’t give up (number 62) and powered through for years.
  66. My mum taught me how to play chess at a VERY young age. She refused to play by the time I was 10.
  67. I am a clutter freak. I hoard everything.
  68. I had my first kiss very young. About age 4.
  69. I usually promise myself I will do my homework the night I get it set, but leave it until the night before.
  70. I hate politics. It confuses me.
  71. I am in college at the moment (not litterally) and study 4 courses.
  72. I study Media, English Literature, Sociology and Maths.
  73. I'm not religious.
  74. I LOVE to read, but hate some ‘classics’. I gave up reading the Hobbit.
  75. It took me 6 months to read Watership Down.
  76.  I am a nice person. People usually take this the wrong way.
  77. If I’m nice to a girl, they usually end up liking me. Don’t mean to sound big-headed, but its usually true.
  78. If I’m nice about a girl to someone else, they think I like them.
  79. Media and Sociology have ruined my life. Not really, but they have changed how I view the world.
  80. I can’t not analyse a Media product. E.g. if I a listening to a song I will be thinking about what music video I would make ect.
  81. If I think about people as a whole, I will apply sociological theories.
  82. I am a terrible person to watch films with as I tear it to pieces: I point out the flaws, continuity errors or just make fun of it.
  83. I really like horror films but an kind of squeamish.
  84. I used to feint a lot (will explain in a later post).
  85. I used to sneak into the cemetery as a child. What?! If they said I couldn’t do something, I had to!
  86. I have grown up around death.
  87. I have a shirt I only wear at funerals.
  88. I found our missing cat Lucky in our Play House. He froze to death.
  89. I am REALLY forgetful. I’m lucky if I can even remember 5 minutes ago ... I actually can’t remember what I put for number 1.
  90. I live in a 3 bedroom house. Mine is the smallest.
  91. I have only ever made ONE mix-tape/CD.
  92. I am a romantic. I used to tell my dad what he should do on Valentine’s Day. Haha.
  93. I have wanted to join almost every career to man.
  94. I am an aspiring novelist since I was about 7.
  95. I suffer from REALLY bad eczema.
  96. I have wide feet.
  97. I only wear Converse All Star shows. I don’t know why, just like them.
  98. I absolutely L.O.V.E. Ancient Egypt. I taught myself how to write hieroglyphics at a young age, but have never been to Egypt.
  99. I have a university interview on Wed. I’m worried haha.
  100. And um ... 100 ... um ... I say “um” WAY too much, haha. At least 3 times in a sentence.


So that’s me in a nutshell. If you made it through all 100, WOW, you deserve a medal. But there will be a few changes as of my next post.

Should I keep them a surprise?

I’ll go with majority vote. But I won’t blame any of you kind and devout followers if you choose to leave me.

~ I wish you all he best, Jack xx


[UPDATE:] My interview went really well. It took us 2 and a half hours to get there, but it was a fun journey. Ariel and I made a little game up where we saw how many cars waved back at us. We got 2. We even went into a proper traditional bookstore, with books from like the 1700’s. And they were hard-back! (fact 101. I have a thing for hard back books lol). So the interview was a group one where we just had to create a short video, consisting of 6 still images and a voiceover, where we had to make the audience think. All the feedback I got was great haha. Thanks for the support everyone! Got another interview on wed so fingers crossed lol xx


Anonymous said...

OMG... So, Peter's in lover with a centenarian?? Wait till I tell Oprah... Ought to be a show there, somewheres...

Congrats, Jack, on your 100th! Everybody seems to be beating me to the punch...{sigh} I think I'll just breeze through mine w/o telling anyone... lol
luv, tman<3
p.s. Oh, btw-- 'interpreted'... just saying...

Anonymous said...

oops!! 'In love'...lmao... better editing needed!! tman<3

Anonymous said...

I'll NEVER leave you, Jack. I "made it" all the way through, but it wasn't a struggle. I enjoyed it. It taught me some more about you. There's a lot I could comment on but I'd rather stick with the really cool stuff here. It took me 3 tries to get through Watership Down, but I enjoyed it in the end.

I'll speak to one point in particular: to #99...DO YOUR BEST! That's all anyone can ask. If you are the way you are around me, you'll do fine. Smile, all that...avoid the "ums", that is just brain punctuation.

There's many others that I share with you. So you are not alone. Be happy to go into depth in chat if you wish, but Blogger limits comment length! LOL

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

Oh, and CONGRATS!!! I never thought I'd beat you to 100!!!

Peace <3

Wayne said...

37 ex gfs! Can you safely assume now that you are gay lol? If you have an 'addictive' personality then stay away from marijuana and other assorted drugs. You say that you were good at hurdles; keep up a regular jogging routine to stay in shape. I have a cold glass of orange juice first thing every morning too. Never multitask while driving a car. Here's politics; the extreme left of liberals represent ultimate freedom and chaos, while the extreme right of conservatives represent nazism and mind control. Most governments try to keep to just left or right of center in order to get elected. You're forgetful cos you multitask. Keep regular sleep hours; go to bed and get up at the same time most days for better sleep, try for 7-8hrs solid sleep. My pet peeve is annoying erratic drivers who can't drive or keep to the speed limit. But actually you are a well-rounded guy Jack and maybe you have a few warts the same as the rest of us. Good luck on your university interview. bfn - Wayne :) (I have brown eyes and in my younger days dark brown hair too)

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

Congratulations on your hundredth! You've done it in four or five months; at my current rate, I have another five years to go ...

We seem to have rather a lot of your hundred points in common. I could happily pick your lists to bits (and may yet do so, given time) - but for the moment, like Jay, I'll just wish you the best of luck with number 99.

What medal do we get for reading through to the end of your post? Something like KCB (Knight Commander of the Order of the Blog), perhaps? :-)

I'll be interested to see what changes you make; if they happen with the next blog post, they will inevitably be a surprise. I very much doubt I'll leave you, though.

Take care


Micky said...

Is urinating really the high spot of some people's morning?

And (2) how do you know?

Thank you for writing 100 things we never knew about Jack - I laughed, cried and nearly threw up.

Jack xx said...

Haha, I think you need to read the first sentence again Tman:
“No, not age!”
And I’m sure better editing is needed, but I don’t edit it. I write it on word, and out it goes :P its just how I am lol

Thanks Jay, I slowed down a bit with blogger, but I’m going to pick up the slack from now on. So hope you enjoyed beating me for once, it wont happen again lol.

Yes Wayne, 37 lol, and still not sure :P
Of course I’ll avoid the drugs, although I sill admit I’d like to try weed ONCE, just for the experience lol.
I DO jog atm so no worries.
I know those basics of politics (yay for sociology) but like anything beyond the co-election we have atm and I’m lost lol.
Perhaps that is why I’m forgetful.
Sleeping isn’t that easy for me, but I wont go into it now.

Thanks Mark, as I said above, the interview went well. And of course, we’ll call that the medal you win. I may make one ... I am yet to decide lol. And hope you don’t leave (hope no one does) but I wont hold grudges lol.

And finally, Micky. Apparently it is, you always hear about it (or at least I do). And no problem, I enjoyed it haha. But “threw up”?! I thought I avoided all of the vulgar things? Haha.

Jack xx

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

I thought I should say that I'm having e-mail problems at the moment - I can receive but not send - but I'll reply (positively) to your last message as soon as I can.

Take care


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