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Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Anti-Valenties Day!

Ok, so my second most in a very short space of time, but i wasn't really feeling the Valentines Day vibe today. When your unable to touch and hold the one you love, the day where this is expected kind of makes you a little down.

Me and Peter did have a little date (although the proper one is coming up, hopefully tomorow) but after that me and my sister had our own Anti-Valentines Day.

For those of you who are not accustom to the Anti-Valentines, it is basically the opposite of what the day SHOULD be.

For example, me and my sister Ariel were planing on renting out Saw 6 and Saw 7 to watch tonight.  But unfortunatelly Saw 7 isn't out until the 7th of March, so we'll get it out then. Instead we ended up watching "I Love Hate Valentines Day" ... an apt name we thought.

No i'm not against the Day itself, or what it stands for, i just dont like the fact that my boyfriend is 4757 miles away (Yes ... i looked it up!).

I've kinda been in a bad mood all day. Like my friend got a little teady bear as a present from her bf, and kept rubbing it in people faces. Yes it was cute and soft and adorable, but today. Ohhhh, today! several of my friends agreed that if it was within arms distance it would very soon be an adorably soft teady bear who mysteriously is missing a head ¬ ¬

Part of me Hates Valentines Day, but part of me Loves it ...

~ Jack xx


Anonymous said...

At least you got Peter. I spent the day listening to everyone crow about all their grand Valentine's Day plans tonight, and this coming weekend (without the kids). Tonight, alone as usual.

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

hey i got you a tiger and got you a pressie hehe lol Love<~peter~> i love you babe and sorry you wee in a bad mood

Wayne said...

Every time I hear the gloating from the happy couples in love I also think of all the people trapped in relationships with psychos who make their lives miserable. You forget the big perk of being single; FREEDOM! Yup, you can go anywhere you want and do anything you want without answering to your jailer. So don't cry into your beer just yet lol. Your glass is half full not half empty. You will be someone's love slave eventually. bfn - Wayne :)

Jack xx said...

True, but its still different to being able to reach out and hold them tight. And refer to Wayne's comment Jay :P

I know baby, and i love him, but he isnt you xx

And true Wayne haha, although i'll be Peters slave soon as we're together haha, only joking babe x

Micky said...

Pete and I don't bother with Valentine's Day either - our anniversary is kept for the day we got our Civil Partnership and then both our birthdays follow during the summer. So if it's any consolation we're still saving up for the chocolates, champagne and flowers.

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