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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Come What May

I love you baby xxx


Wayne said...

Nice vid! I think that love is always a work in progress and not to be taken for granted.
-Yup, Google did a gay blog purge and on Tumblr Andy said they used some bullshit excuse that he said something 'threatening' and violated terms of service. (he said he was going to use a baseball bat on the guy flirting with his bff; just an expression of anger and taken out of context) There is some blatant homophobia at Google cos around 50 young gay blogs suddenly disappeared all at once! Google is headquartered in the USA, and the USA is supposed to be the champion of freedom of expression and speech EXCEPT FOR YOUNG GAY GUYS DEFENDING THEIR SEXUALITY! I think Andy is going to Wordpress so I'll check him on Tumblr to see where he goes. Study hard in school Jack! bfn - Wayne :)

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