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Thursday, 3 February 2011

My Cleaner Friend

I think I’m being stalked. By the cleaner. I’m not joking. Well actually, he probably thinks its the other way around.

As I’ve been staying late at college for like the last month, I’ve been seeing a lot of the cleaner.

No, not his anatomy.

He is quite nice and friendly, a little weird, but he is nice so I like him. I mean, it all began a long long time ago ...

I’ve seen him around before and usually I made an excuse to leave the room while he hovered, because he HAS to start with the back room. Then one day I decided ‘fuck it’ I’ll stay.

But being the overtly nice person I am, I felt too awkward to just sit there, so I shuffled around and helped him move a chair or two. Usually I would tidy the room next door as I’m waiting for my video to render. So I was now helping him to clean ...

Then today I had to film myself for my interview DVD for Uni, and he wanted to Hoover, but said he would leave it as I wanted to film. Aww, strangers are so nice. So I did my filming and he came in when I was tidying up and packing away the equipment, to ask what I was doing. So I responded and it went on from there.

We made small talk and big talk, I pitched him my film idea ect and I had fun, although it caught me by surprise so it was a tad awkward. So in the end we went our separate ways lol. But you know the strange thing? ...
I still don’t know his name ... something I’ve been curious about since the start, because it frustrates me when you see someone regularly and don’t know it. Like bus drivers, you hear the older people say “thank you driver” and I think “OMG! Driver?!” but then I think, yeah, that’s correct :/

So if your reading this, hello Mr Cleaner person, I like you as you seem nice, even if you are kind of weird. But hey! What’s life without a little strangeness in it?!

Jack xx

Oh, I was thinking about what to do with the holiday dilemma when this song came onto my iPod. I think it kinda fits ...


Wayne said...

Hmmm, are you talking cute young guy cleaner with muscular ass and crotch bulge? The smart gay guy knows there are possibilities everywhere. Get his name next time lol. bfn - Wayne :)

Jack xx said...

Haha no, he's not. He's much older than me and really not my type. And maybe, its just very awkward :P xx

Anonymous said...

Awkward maybe, but you know what? It's much nicer to be nice to people and carry on a conversation with them than to ignore them. We used to have a great cleaning crew at my office. They were very nice to chat with occasionally. The latest crew will say hello, but that's about it. (Of course, the lady who empties my trash wears enough perfume to choke a horse so the sooner she leaves the better for my nose, and everyone else's, too!).

But you know, if you want someone to feel good, simply ask their name: "Hey, you know, we've talked a lot, and my name is Jack. What's yours?" There's nothing wrong with knowing the cleaner's name (and some movie, I think it was "The Breakfast Club" even goes into this in some detail! And if you haven't seen "TBC", watch it, it's a hoot).

Peace <3

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