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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Out with the Old and In with the New Part 1

So my dad and sister finished work early for this week, so they decided to have a bit of a spring clean. But it isn’t what you think. No, they weren’t tidying, no they weren’t cleaning, no they weren’t even refurbishing! They were painting.

Logical, since they are both painter and decorators.

So since they were home I got a lift into college, which was good as I felt like shit today. I actually thought I may have passed out in English class. And then in Media Studies And I lost my voice in Sociology.

But this isn’t what I want to talk about. It just seems like this is the time that everything gets renewed. Something happened the other day that just reminded me of the past. Of something that was SUCH a happy memory it will forever hurt me.

My best friend former best friend.

Matt and Me ... I couldn't smile then and I can't smile now :/

I met him on the first day of school and we were inseparable for 6 years. I mean, INSEPARABLE.

We looked like twins to the extent that our teachers used to get us confused, not helped by the fact that we had to wear uniforms lol. But I loved him, more than a friend, more than a brother, he was my world. We went swimming together every Wednesday which was great fun and we used to ave great fun together, and before I got self conscious of my body we went every week, without fail. Then there was school and we sat next to each other every lesson all day. I remember once in art we ‘fought’ over the paint and he spilled it all over me!

So many memories...

Like the time we played football in the classroom and he fell over and hit his head on the table. He cut his head open and needed it to be glued together. I was the one to faint.

He was my only friend, my companion, my first love, you could say, and although I will always have these memories to carry with me in my heart, they can never replace the real thing.

Grr, how I hate Spring Cleaning. All it does is stir up old dust that best be left alone.
Jack xx

P.S. I love you baby, I hope you dont just fade to memories too xx


Wayne said...

Wow that cider must have been evil stuff lol. I remember my best friend all through elementary and middle school before the hormones hit and he went str8 while I was homosexual. How wonderful and easy it was to have a close friend when you're a kid; no baggage or women to interfere. As a teen back in the old closet days it hurt so much to lose my wonderful guy world to girls slowly as the years progressed (most gay guys back then lived in denial and got married). I like the last line in the movie 'Stand By Me' when the writer said 'I never again had friends like I did back when I was a kid', just not in the same way.
-What's with Blogger that they have to do their annual purge of young gay blogs? The 'Gay Andy' blog, and two other long-running blogs that I comment on regularly have 'been removed' today! WTF? Gay Andy had 600 followers and another one close to 500. Hopefully I can find them again if they start another blog. Probably some Bible thumping gay hater in charge of blog content at Google. Censorship is nauseating. bfn - Wayne

Anonymous said...

beautiful post, Jack... I mean it... I have tears in my eyes... Very sweet and nicely written. I felt the angst of loss in your writing. Nice job, kid! luv, tman<3

Anonymous said...

Nice story, Jack, really sweet. I have memories of my early friends, but none were as close as you and Matt obviously were. And really excellent writing, truly a work of art. Thanks for sharing!
Peace <3

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