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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Yin and Yang?

Sometimes I feel like we match each other perfectly,
others we are completely different.

Here are some examples:

Peter ...

Me ...

Peter ...

Me ...

~ A Smitten Jack xx

p.s. hope you like these homemade Chocolates, i made them for you baby x ... even though you cant eat them :/


jaygeemmm said...

:-) !!!
Peace <3

Ethan said...

I say you are a match :)
Take Care Jack (and Peter)

Micky said...


Have a loving time together.

wayner said...

Yin and Yang. Sometimes I wonder if partners get along best if they are very alike or if their differences compliment each other. I mean if you are an artsy emotional guy, then it would be nice to have a bf who knows how to fix the car, and you can clue him in on the nuances of the ballet lol. Or maybe both work equally well. Anyway a gay love story is so nice! bfn - Wayne :)

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