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Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Take 2

Ok, so I DID have several posts pre-planned that I was going to do, but there was a huge bit of drama last night, so I have to postpone them. I was actually too annoyed to post this last night, so here it goes...
My mum can be so self-centred and stubborn! She came over last night to pick me and my sister up, to go and visit our granddad. But I was running a little late and had only just got out of the shower (no, you won’t get any pictures!), and by the time I was in my underwear (NO!) she was upstairs crying. What was wrong?
I later found out, that apparently we are being selfish for wanting to visit our Great Nan on her Birthday (which is also Christmas). I understand her point of view, as every year we go to see the WHOLE family for an hour (which ends up being more than an hour, guaranteed) and as a result she is forced to go with us. She has to “suffer in silence”. But the thing is, she doesn’t suffer in silence, she bitches each and every year!
So apparently we are selfish as Ariel said how our OTHER sister wanted to see the family, and that she didn’t know that mum was going to come over to our house for Christmas as early as she was planning (10 am). So this blew up into a massive argument resulting in where mum started yelling and saying how we would keep our stupid opinions to ourselves.
How did my sister reply, to accusations of ruining Christmas? She pointed out how mum is ruining this year AS WELL AS last year (when she stormed out, got drunk and stumbled in at 1 am).
So now she says she is going to spend Christmas with her bff who lives like 2 hours away. So she can’t be arsed to suffer for one hour (or just miss that ONE hour) and by extension cba with us. So I cba to be with her (we were supposed to go around her house the day after for games), so if she doesn’t come to see us for Christmas, I’m not going to hers the day after. Its the principle. My sister agrees.

~ Jack
She is now coming to ours for Christmas, so its a start I guess. But I’m still annoyed.


Anonymous said...

You know I know how family dynamics can arse up a Christmas. I feel for you, and I'm glad she has relented on her original plan to go to a friend's house. I hope you all can have a happy Christmas day together, and that you can go to your Great Nan's house, too!

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

I agree with the both of you she is being a bitch and comapling too much and needs to grow up about it.

Damn well I will talk to Peter about getting pics of you jkjk he wouldn't do that b/c you wouldn't want it

Take Care and feel Better

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

To quote Douglas Adams, "people are a problem": sometimes you just have to cope as best you can with the fact that they will be difficult / contrary / whatever. Christmas time is particularly difficult, because you're having to work out simultaneous compromises between a lot more people than you normally would. It's probably too late for this year, but could you (for example) arrange the day a bit differently so that your mum doesn't arrive until after you've been to see your Great Nan? Then she won't feel "forced" to go along.

Anyway, I hope you have as enjoyable a time as possible!



Jack xx said...

Haha, thanks Jay, Ethan and Mark.

What we originally had planned was that we would go to our nan's and then pick mum up after, but she wanted to come over in time for breakfast. Which is what we are doing this year anyway lol ... providing we all aren't too hung-over hehe.

And Ethan, why did you want pics of me? and why would you ask peter for them/ i have LOADS on fb? lol

Jack xx
(oh! and she is taking us kids out to lunch today, so only time will tell if she appolagises and means it)

wayner said...

Damn, no shower pics lol. Yeah, you are talking about WOMEN and sometimes you have to tippy-toe around their emotions. I hate to see you and your mother getting upset at each other; what do the shrinks say, you must communicate without raising your voices and clear up the misunderstandings. You shouldn't let hard feelings fester especially at this time of year. I know that family members can sometimes be unreasonable and selfish but you need to work around that and arrange things differently. Anyway lots of families have blow-ups at Christmas but resolving them makes Christmas especially nice. bfn - Wayne

Anonymous said...

FB pics aren't good enough it's the shower pics that I want :P

Jack xx said...

Haha, sorry for the lack of shower pics, i may post some next time :P

but Christmas was ok, Mum appolagised (kinda) and all was forgotten.

Jack xx

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