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Saturday, 18 December 2010


Ok, so I know I have been neglecting Blogger for the last week or so, mainly because I have been feeling kinda down and I didn’t want to post stuff that was all down and depressing. I think I failed at that, but oh well. Long story short, I still feel a little down, but no way near as much and I am over the worst of it, with the help of all you and of course ... my amazing bf Peter.
So I seriously have like all of my deadlines like today or Monday. I hate it!
I got my sociology exam back, and it wasn’t bad at all! I mean, I got roughly a C or D, but it was good for what I wrote. Basically our exam is 2 questions, each 50 marks, where we have to write an essay for each in 45 mins; on Crime. I wrote about the media’s influence on crime and got two marks, one was 26 and 31 ... she marked it twice, so I got the better mark. And for the second I had 15 mins left of the exam, which was when I decided to do a very detailed plan, which was “terrible” according to my teacher, but my “amazing” essay was only 7 marks higher. And for those of you who don’t like maths, I got 19.
Our English coursework is due in on Monday, which is why most people are stressing at College.
And we FINALLY managed to upload our Media footage (which is shit as I am now the lead singer) but the main point is ... it is uploaded. So we got an extension on our practical product, as it was out of our control. But it is really annoying as we have to share the Computer with one other group as we are the only people using Final Cut pro, but they keep taking control of the machine. Like, we started off splitting the lessons 50/50 and the rest of the time it is first-come first-serve. But they took the whole lesson rendering (finalising) their video which failed, so they then re-rendered it after which was when we were going to edit, which took ANOTHER hour. It is really starting to annoy me lol, but it should be finished now :/
So we started editing together out draft music video, which is a bitch as we have to make a fake draft for her to mark, when we are literally going to re-film half of it with different actors (me again :/), so I don’t really see the point. But also, Chris (my partner) is being SO pedantic about the music. I know I am bad with editing as it HAS to be in time or I’ll hate it, but he is the same AND each performance shot has to have a certain number of bars and he gets so distracted it can get a bit infuriating; but we’ll get through it in the end. And out written work WAS due today, but I got an extension as we spent so long trying to upload the footage. We are going to film the rest over Christmas ...
One problem. It snowed today. AGAIN. And it settled. We are forecast worse snow than last time, and it is over the next few days too, so it may last over the Christmas holidays, which will be really difficult to film our project like we wanted. But oh well, when life gives you lemons, and all that.  And I don’t mind, as we only have 1.5 days left of College (if it opens) and I LOVE the snow! Almost as much as Peter.
So my day today was really quite good. I edited together our video, which I will upload soon, if I can get into college. It will only be a rough draft, but I want to share it with everyone and possibly get some feedback. But one thing kind of annoyed me / made my happy...
I finished college at 3pm and didn’t get home until 7. Why? Because I am silly, stupid and friendly. I had to wait 45 mins to explain to my teacher why I hadn’t done the evaluation, and so I ended up doing what I do on Wednesdays, I taught. Every wed (and sometimes other days) I help teach her first year OCR National Certificate Media Class, and today I ended up teaching her A2 Media Studies Class. I helped one of my friends edit her Music Video as she was struggling, which it turned out quite good for what she had. Then I had to multi-task and proof-read friend 2's English Coursework while I went to the Library to buy a DVD for the first friend. Once re-entering the classroom I was hijacked by a different Media Teacher to help friend 3 burn her Video to a DVD. I later had to do this with friend 4, and help un-freeze friend 5’s computer; before I was allowed to leave ... and by “leave” I mean stand in the snow for an hour waiting for Ariel to pick me up. Oh well.

So I am writing this waiting for Family Guy to load and for Peter to wake up so that we can talk properly. I probably shouldn’t share this with all of you, but I have to baby, ok?
From the Secret Diary of <~Love Peter~>
i really need to focus on life but i focus on him and my sleep is out of wake i am just out of wack lol i love you jack but right now i am out of wack lol

And I couldn’t agree more, haha. I mean, I love him to pieces, but this whole long-distance thing is beginning to get annoying. I am usually left awake until 1am so that I can talk to him (which is 7pm, his time) and get up at 6am (12pm) so that we can actually TALK to one another. Which only getting 5 hours sleep a night, is slowly killing me. And him. But it’s just a matter of sorting out our time-keeping lol.

So that is what I have been up to lately. Still not out to parents, however I told my bff, but that’s another story for another time ...
Ttyl Jack xx


Ethan said...

I LOVE the snow! Almost as much as Peter.
lol Peter better watch out before he dumped for the snow :P

WHEW I feel tired just by reading it all.
Jack don't burn yourself out b/c you are getting close to it.

I do think that you and Peter need an entire day not talking to each other for the sake of your health for the both of you otherwise you will get sick esp with all this cold air.

How about actually setting a time and day when you both KNOW you can talk to each other b/c at this rate it ain't going to work out with your sanity either

lol I've always said that Peter is a bit whacking so this is nothing new to me lol

Take Care Jack and get some rest you too Peter

jaygeemmm said...

Well good, Jack. It gets better. Sounds like normal is coming back to your life, and God knows, you needed it.

I don't know that you two are so out of whack...yet...but you're right, and so is Ethan, you need to get the time keeping together! There's got to be a better way! But I'm glad to hear that things are better, pretty much all the way around.

Coming out to your parents will happen when it happens. I am sort of thinking it's likely to be a little more spontaneous than you like, but it will work out the same. Everyone will shrug, tell you they still love you, and then you can announce Peter to the world.

I think once you two get the synchronization thing happening, both of you will be a lot better rested, and Peter and you can concentrate a little better. So that's a good New Year's resolution (if you make those things).

I've been Merry Christmas-ing everyone since I didn't think I'd be able to next week, but now that I have mobile internet, I'll wish you a great weekend (since I will be busy with family and not on much except late).

Peace <3

Jack xx said...

Haha, Ethan, we HAVE gone whole days seperately, which we will need to do more often, but to put it bluntly, i hate not being with him and would honestly miss him too much. And we have tried to limit our exposure, but that also fails ... any suggestions anyone?

Thanks Jay, and we do, but its mainly just trial and error. And a bit more lately as he is having problems with the computer, so we have to texxt more now, which for some reason is affecting out timetables more :/ \nd i'll talk about my parents in another post x

Thanks you two, and Merry Christmas if i forget :P
Jack xx

Micky said...

Hectic, deadlines, nice but strange teachers.

I love the way you get to help out - it has to be good that they want you to do that.

Presumably you could pull up the standard of those Sociology answers to better the grade in the future? You were maybe too caught up thinking of other things going on just now to concentrate enough and getting thoughts down on paper coherently isn't always as easy as it sounds.

Perhaps someone should show Peter how to set his alarm so's you two could fix on chat times more accurately and so that you get your beauty sleep, eh?

wayner said...

Hey Jack you don't have to post every day, just when you feel like it. Actually your college courses sound interesting and fun, and you are getting teaching experience too. When you get snow don't fight it; get out and enjoy it. And ffs get it worked out with Peter to talk to each other and get some sleep too! You are six hours ahead of him so on week days Peter should talk to you between 4 and 5pm his time which would be between 10 and 11 your time. Then arrange a time for the weekend. You guys will end up fighting if you are both grouchy from lack of sleep lol. Try and arrange the coming out thing with your parents at a time period when there is not much going on; you do not want too many things on your plate all at once. And don't worry cos we all get our blah periods and you can tell us! I find that if I feel the blues coming on that putting out some effort on my part to turn it around helps a lot. bfn - Wayne :)(nice music vids!)

Jack xx said...

Hi Wayne,

Its not like i don't try to put myself in a better mood hen i'm down, but the problem is, its more than just "the blues" or a "blah period", its a propper depressive eppisode. If i could, i would just stay in bed for weeks on end crying or feeling numb. I constantl think about self harm or suicide, and how it would only better other people's lives. it is very difficult to get out of this mindset.

As for Peter, we love talking to each other, we have tried to limit ourselves before, and end up talking for hours accidentally. But you do have a point.

I know when i want to tell them, the only problem is that it is only organised a week before, and someweeks it is cancled. So i have to play it by ear.

I'm not fighting the snow, i love it, its just i have a lot of work to do this week that involves going INTO college. But i cant do that if it is closed lol.

And finally, yes my courses are interesting lol. I'm actually having quite a good discussion with Micky about Famale Rapists and the Death Penalty ect. Most of my courses help/make you look at things in a different light. Like in Media, i find it very difficult NOT to analyse the shots, the music, the props. I can't just sit there and watch it lol. But i dont mind, its fun lol.

Jack xx

Rowan said...

You seemed to disappear from blogger as soon as i started commenting on here :P
Nvm, conicidence hehe

Again with the media thing, editing. Pain in the ass (not that that is something id complain about trolololol)
But seriosuly, i put our video on my hard drive and took home the editing software so i can edit it myself over the holidays or else we'll never get it done - i hate the rest of my group...
But im sure it'll be quite a fun little task once i get into it. We dont have loads of fancy stuff to add, just trimming basically and piecing bits together. Shouldn't be too difficult.

Id put mine on blogger too, but... im in it so HELL NO!
Id be really interested in seeing yours when its done and if you're desperate to see mine im sure we could find a way...

(Yes, the double entendre in the last paragraph was intended. Im sorry Peter, im not flirting, i swear!)

Anyhoo, i need to get off to bed now. Laterz

Rowan <3

Jack xx said...

Haha, thats no coincidence!!! Just joking, i'm back now anyway :)

haha, i LOVE editing! I really do lol, its the highlight of doing a media project. But i can be pretty perticular so if there are other people (even group members) there, i'll get frustrated lol.

Good to hear that you're taking an interest and even taking work home! And i'm sure you don't hate them (now you may do) trust me, i've been there. Still am. Once this is completed and handed in, you'll be bff's lol.

Plus, if you're the one who is doing ALL the editing, you get the final cut and the descisions :P If you have any questions, you know where i am, and i'm sure we could work out any other kind of arangements if need be.

Haha, so what if your in it?! The only problem i see is idetity confidentiallity. Which i was like that, until Peter posted my name and pictures lol, so now i dont really care. I'm the lead singer in our 'band' and i am also the only one who is not a performer. Can you guess who is the odd one out?! lol. If you don't mind your face being splashed over blogger, then i say, go for it!

And haha! Love the fact it was intentional and you addmitt it lol. I'm sure he wont mind, i'm a flirt too :P And yes! i do have to see yours sometime, you could always send it to me, or show me in person. It would be great to test your ability :):P LOL (soz baby)

Good luck, and dont forget to keep in touch if you need help, Jack xx

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