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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Dramatic Christmas?

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas, and relatively un-dramatic ones too. Mine? Oh, well you know the usual, excessive drinking, hangover, Cludo and games about the family. More? Well ... ok. Here goes ...

Christmas Eve.
So me, mum and dad went out to a pub to meet our cousins and our uncle. Which is quite a big thing, as he moved abroad like 4 years ago and I haven’t seen him since. He stays over there for medical reasons and is going through a bad divorce right now. But it was great meeting them! Mum and dad brought me a couple of pints of Strongbow (cider) and I got merrily buzzed. Well! It IS Christmas, lol. The thing is, by this point, it was about 7. I was hoping to get home for 7 so I could relax and cook before I went back out at about 9.30. We didn’t leave until 9, and I got LOADS of hassle for wanting to pop home to make some biscuits.
Why?! Well they were already made and would be a waste to leave them out (they had to rest) so if I left them they would go ‘bad’. Besides, I was making a homemade collection of baked goods for my Great Nan, and without them, it would be a pretty pathetic gift.
So in the end, I made it home, slightly more drunk then I expected, but we ended up “popping in” to another pub and a bar, on the way to a taxi. Interesting. But I didn’t mind, it was just pretty funny getting home, ‘pissed’ (or buzzed) and then having to cook biscuits. I managed, and they were really quite nice. While I had to wait for them to cook, I popped over to my bff’s houses and we exchanged gifts and the like, and we had a good time.
I them met up with DB (Drinking Buddy) who is also the brother of my sister’s bff, so we get on quite well, and Ariel’s bff gave us a lift into town, by about 10.30. We had a WKD while we waited. When we got into town, we met up with MB (Media Buddy) who was DB’s friend, and found out that he has a passion for media also ... hence the name. So we sat in one club for most of the night, while we waited for Ariel to finish work. It was her first night and she finished was supposed to finish at 11. My other sister had trained her previously and was also working, but didn’t finish until much later. So in the end, I ended up drinking about 3 vodka and coke’s which I got for free, as both of my sister’s were working, and they get free drinks. But I still bought a round ... for £6 as they also had a £2 a drink policy that night lol.
So we didn’t end up leaving until what must have been past 12, where we were just sat on the sofa’s drinking and chatting. It was a lot of fun. So when Ariel got off work finally left work, we all went to a local club. It was my first time, so my sister treated me, so I didn’t have to pay for the £8 entry fee, lol. I’m not a cheap-skate or tight-wad or anything, but you have to admit £6 on a night out is pretty impressive lol. And who says you have to have big tits and a low cut top to get free drinks?! I only had one of them!!! Lol
So we got in the club and literally spent like an hour in the queue for the bar, but it was fun and a new experience. By this time I was quite far gone, so I don’t remember much, but I do remember going to different parts of the club and having a great time with the others. We circulated the club, I should say.
Next thing I know, I’m awake in bed, with a big stomach ache. It’s Christmas.

Christmas Day
I remember small snippets from the night before, like being in the back seat of the car and feeling a little ill. I was with DB, no idea where MB was. I remember going through the front door and closing it behind me. I remember being sick in the toilet. That is all.
You always hear those stories about people who get drunk and don’t know how they get home, and you’ll think “yeah right!” ... but I honestly don’t know. I’ve since been told some other facts though ...
  • Ariel’s Bff gave us a lift.
  • I was sick outside as well as inside. In front of everyone else in the car.
  • I couldn’t open the front door, Ariel’s Bff had to.
  • I patted her on the head.
  • I’ve lost my key somewhere inside the house. (ok, not told by others, but only found out today)
So, all in all a very ... INTERESTING ... night and one that I’d soon like o forget in all its glory. It’s just strange. Up until now, I can always remember everything that I’ve done when drunk and been able to justify it ... even stripping when told (long story), but this ... nothing. I HONESTLY don’t remember a thing of what is listed above. I wouldn’t believe it if there wasn’t evidence (like texts asking if I was ok after being sick, ect), so I must have, but it is the most bizarre feeling ever. Having someone narrate your life.
So this obviously explains my bad hang over. I felt physically sick almost all day. But I powered through. We skipped out on having out traditional bacon butties in the morning, as we didn’t get up until mid-day and dinner was at 3pm, so we just snacked. If that. I was relieved when I realised I could stomach fizzy, as I hate drinking plain water when hung over.
So when we got up, we made our way down stairs and opened up our stockings from Santa. Yes, he does exist! You get stocking as long as you believe!!! Lol. By now mum was here, so her and dad opened their stockings up to, I got some nice stuff, like socks, Pj’s and mini bottles of aftershave. And I really do mean mini! We then opened up our main presents, and I got some other nice stuff like a jumper/cardigan from Ariel. Peter says I look like a professor, but I like the 50’s look.
We decided to play Cludo after, which was a nightmare! I know the basic rules, but my dad being who he is HAD to read out the rules in the most confusing manner. He skipped over how to actually PLAY the game and moved onto the little details. (ie. Forget how to move and make rumours, but let’s talk about showing cards to others). So in the end we had a great game and picked it up quickly, as me being the unofficial referee. But as per usual, my dad put a spanner in the works. The very first move of the whole game he said “Miss Scarlet, in the Kitchen with the pistol” ... and wouldn’t you guess it, NO ONE HAD ANY OF THE CARDS!!! So we went through the entire game with that in our minds, and the results? Miss White, in the Theatre with the Poison. HE HAD THE CARDS HE ASKED FOR! But it was ok, Ariel won lol.
Dinner was great. We had everything we usually would have, and it tasted great, but there were plenty of leftovers, for supper. And we held off on pudding for the moment. We played another game where you have to say if an urban myth is true or not; and then another game where you describe a word without using certain words. They were quite fun too. Then we all sat down and watched Eclipse. Not really festive, but Jacob ... drool lol. You have to admit, he does have a hot body! (wow! Shallow! :O)
I ended up going to bed at 11pm, and going to sleep at 5am. I got talking to Rowan (Rowan’s blog) about how he came out, where he lives, his life and all that. And I had a lot of fun. I also found a kindred spirit who has a love of media, and I can totally “dork” out with (Peter’s word there lol). Then, when he left, I waited up for my baby, and he had a match and a half of Yu-Gi-Oh. It was fun, and I told you! DORK! Lol.

Boxing Day
So this day was far more relaxed! I stayed in bed until about 2pm, not daring to get up and out of bed, in fear of the cold. But I did anyway. We were leaving at 2.30 to go and see my granddad. So I rushed out of bed, got my clothes ready,  got to the bathroom, to find out that everyone felt the same as me. So I had to wait AGES to get in the bathroom to have a shower, but oh well. So all of us bundled into the car and set off to see my Granddad. I had a good time, but I do feel guilty. My mum often sees it as being a ‘chore’ to visit him as he can be quite senile ... to the point where a conversation will be like this:
Hi Grandad
Oh. Hello, Ian. Tony. I mean Frank.
Its Jack.
Have you seen Jack lately?
I’m Jack, Granddad.
Oh! Of course you are! So how are you Ian?
I’m Jack.
You’re what?
... And so on.

But I love him regardless. The other problem is when he isn’t like this, he can be very short. Yes or no answers. So conversations can be quite difficult. Let alone that he is nearly blind and VERY hard of hearing (I actually used to have a game with myself to find different ways of saying “oh really!” or “wow” or “yes” ... its quite difficult). But this is just one of our ‘games’. One we had to do today was think of topics to keep the conversation going, or else you are just sat in silence.
It’s a cruel and harsh was to explain this, but it’s the easiest and most accurate way to do it. We love him and its so that he doesn’t feel awkward or alone, but the details of it are harsh. Hrm ... :/
So anyway, I’ve had an interesting few days, and got some more coming up, so I’ll keep you posted.
~ Jack xx
P.S. Sorry for the long post

P.P.S. this is the song from the Christmas Dr Who episode which I fell in love with. I almost cried!

It's about a girl who is dying nad gets frozen, but is released every year for christmas eve, and she falls in love with this guy who grows up in love with her. But when he finds out she has one day left to live, she doesn't let her out, but finaly does and she FINALLY gets to see Christmas Day. <3


Anonymous said...

Well good post, Jack. Sounds like you've made a new friend in Rowan, also nice!

I can remember some long Christmas holiday nights in bars, and the aftermath was NOT pretty! But it sounds like you were reminded that you had a good time, so all is well! And apart from a technicolor yawn or two, not too much embarrassment!

It sounds like you had a nice Christmas Day, too! Presents and all! Love to see you in your 50's look! Skip the shower pics, just show us your new cardigan. My family enjoys playing games, too. We trash talk and tease and generally go for the throat playing Phase 10 and others.

I'm sorry your granddad is suffering so. I know it is hard on you. I fear my father is losing his hearing, and I know his mind isn't as sharp as it used to be.

All in all, a happy holiday for you! And I used to watch Dr. Who waaay back when it was a fairly new programme - it aired in the US on the public station where I worked.

Merry Christmas!
Peace <3

wayner said...

I had a nice Christmas with the family too Jack and I am bloated with too much food as I am typing this. I really must exercise again after New Years. Yeah you are a typical teen with booze; drinking too much and too many different kinds guarantees a religious experience with the toilet lol. Next time be sure to use self-dicipline to pace yourself and limit how much; you will be thankful the next day. Hydration the next day does help the hangover to pass more quickly. Don't make it a habit or I will give you shit!
-Old age can indeed be tough; be sure to do your duty and visit your granddad; him just knowing you care means a lot. At your age looking after your health may be the furthest thing from your mind, but I remember hearing someone saying 'after middle age the warranty is off' lol. Living a moderate lifestyle and avoiding addictive substances, combined with some regular fun exercise goes a long way for good health when you reach your senior years.
-My rant; wtf is with the hd channels on tv these days? Dr Who was on hd full screen last year and this year it is only available on regular screen 'space' channel this year! Crt tvs are history now so ALL programming should be full wide screen for the flat panel tvs we all have these days. C'mon young people, get out on the streets and demonstrate lol. bfn - Wayne :)

Jazzie Casas said...

I am admittedly very upset right now over a heated conversation that just took place, and I don't know where else to release that steam. I’m sure I’ll step on some toes in the process. I usually do. Frankly, I don’t care this time. Dads need to stop leaving their kids, and I’m tired of men not being the ones to say it. I’m tired of the world tip-toeing around these guys’ feelings. I’m really tired of society acting like such behavior is now “normal” or “expected”. I’m tired of the media making light of it. I'm tired of the emails and comments from endless mothers who've been thrown under the bus. More than anything, I’m tired of dads not taking their responsibilities and duties seriously.

Proud to be a Single Dad

Jack xx said...

@ Jay
Haha, I think/hope I have. All three days were great (in their own way) and I’ll think about posting a pic of my new cardigan lol. And he is, but I don’t mind. I love going to visit him, I just hate it when we sit there in silence.

@ Wayne
Glad you had a good Christmas, and I think everyone is bloated after all that food, so don’t worry lol. I should probably start jogging again :/ Haha, I know all about what not to do, but unfortunately, when your inebriated most of that goes out of the window ... but I don’t want to get shit from you, so hrm ¬¬

It’s not a duty! That was one of the points I was trying to make. I love him and love visiting him, its just sometimes it can be difficult; but I know what you mean. And HD is becoming cheaper and more accessible to the masses, so they are trying to phase out all of the old ‘normal’ channels and TV’s. Its quite simple. As for the programmes being aired, that depends on the broadcasters, time and manager. It is up to the manager, and broadcasters, to decide what channels, and more often than not, they will not communicate with each other. This means that one year they may be shown on one HD channel, and the next on a ‘normal’ one. It can easily be avoided, but wont be lol. Take care.

Jack xx

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