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Friday, 10 December 2010


So today has been a pretty crappy but ok day; but this is going to have to be short as I’m about to go off to the pub and then a party lol.

So I failed my Maths Exam. Well I didn’t fail, I got an E (which is a pass) but doesn’t count to me lol. An E is not a grade I would be proud to show.

Most people didn’t know it was my birthday or they forgot, including
one of my best friends Chris, which hurt a little bit, but not as much as the fact that he is not going to the Party tonight, as he is having ‘family problem’. And I know yall out there will be saying “how heartless Jack!” but when he says ‘family problems’ he means that he would rather spend the evening with his gf as she MAY be moving away :/ But I don’t know ...

Also I think I’ve lost my Passport, which is essential for going out. Without it you can’t go in a pub, buy alcohol, buy fags (not that I smoke). It is one of the only forms of ‘proof of ID’ that they accept, and I lost it!!! HELP!!!

So I was in a brilliant mood this morning as I got to talk to my baby (which it has just occurred to me that I’ll get like 0 sleep over the next two days lol) but I’ll survive. So a little tired I woke up to say hi to him <3 He was a little concerned that I am now 18 and what he have is illegal in some states (not sure if he was joking or not lol) but I don’t care, and then he gave me my card and present: which I loved btw!!! It was amazing haha. He got me a hand-made card saying:

I'm not that old 0.o

Another year passesAnother year...
Closer to the good old days
(with a picture of an old man in a wig)

And he also got me an original 1924 Dad’s puzzler (with gift engraving on the back). I can still remember on one of our dates where he introduced me to Dad’s Puzzler and how tricky some are lol, and I still find it a little hard to believe he remembered that lol x I love you baby xx Its just a shame I haven't had a chance to talk to him tonight, as I have to go soon :(

And I just found my Passport. My dad took it out of the case when he went to Belgium and just left it loose. So I can now go out :)

From Good ... to bad ... to good ... to bad ... to good ...
~A Legal Adult. AKA. Jack xx
(P.S. Will post about the rest of my night tomorow if possible lol x)


Brian said...

Happy Birthday, Jack!

EdeSchuster said...

Happy Birthday once again (I'm 1 of your 351 Congratualators on FB) and have much fun at Lucy's (with your first, second,..... legal drink!).

Rowan said...

Yeh... maths isn't exactly my strong point either, so go out, get totally smashed and forget about your crappy but ok day :P
You deserve it mate... you're 18! Merry birthday!!!

Rowan <3

jaygeemmm said...


Peace <3

wayner said...

The most important thing to realise about being 18 is that even a minor criminal offense can make it very difficult for you to find gainful employment. The juvie free pass is over. But it is nice not to feel like a kid anymore and to be taken a little more seriously. Please go easy on the booze or you will regret it (am I a wet blanket or what lol?) Oh yeah the age of consent in Texas is 17 with a 3yr window so you are ok. Happy birthday and have a good time! bfn - Wayne :) (and work on that math)



Micky said...

Hey, don't worry about who's not at the party - just you look after the people who are!

And, just this once, take no notice of Wayner (!) - you get as smashed as you want coz this time, at least, everyone will forgive you!

Have fun!

Jack xx said...

Thanks everyone for these comments :) I'll post about the rest of my night and today, later on as i have to go and film my media coursework now :/ xx

But i dont quite think it was 251 fb messages lol

I know i can be tried as an adult but i'm not in the least bit criminal anyway lol

SEXY?! I dont think you've ever said that to me haha. How do you even know what i look like? lol

Thanks again xx Jack xx

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