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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Sorry ...

To those select few of you out there who read my blog. I haven't been posting as much atm as, well, quite frankly I don’t want to overload all of you out there. Is one post a day too much? Honestly? lol
Ok, so today I went around my Mum’s for dinner with my two sisters, and yes we had a good time, but it wasn’t without its drama. However small, it still is affecting me a little now. Ok, so as some of you will know, I can be quite OCD at times (like matching as many items of clothing colour-wise as possible or eating food separately ect); well this is no exception when it comes to our Christmas tree. Or rather, the decorations. Each year for about the last 7 or 8 years, I have decorated and in the last few I have done it alone.
Well, the way that I do it, is that we have collections/sets of ball-balls that match each other. Some are supposed to be that way, others just look a LOT alike: so naturally, I have to put all of them up or none. I usually make this into a game with some friends as there are about 10 or so ‘sets’ to ‘collect’ on the tree, where they have to find them. Sounds boring? Probably. Sounds Easy? NO.
This is a 'Set'

Usually they are hidden in plain sight. But anyway, as this is the first year without Mum, she took some decorations with her, and I got quite upset/frustrated that three particular ball-balls were missing. We have had them for as long as I can remember, and mean a hell of a lot to me. The set is of an angel (we have), a rocking horse, Jesus in a crib and a child sledding. They are only small cheap figurines and stuff, but we have had them for SO long, and they go up on our tree every year. And she took three.
So when I found them on her tree, I simply said “oh, YOU have the other three! You stole them haha” (emphasis on the “haha”) and he completely flipped out. She starting bitching at me about how she “has to have SOMETHING from the house” (she takes quite a lot and often leaves the crap)and that she only took the “cheap stuff”. Which is fair enough and everything, but they are priceless to me. And she got annoyed as she thought I was complaining that she took a lot of stuff, I wouldn’t have cared if she took everything or nothing, its just they meant a lot to me and no to her. PLUS, I only meant it in a playful, joking, manner which she didn’t get. So I got in a mood, which was when Ariel tried to butt in the way, which got me more annoyed. But everything got back to normal now.
Sorry if that sounds mean or silly, I’m just passionate about certain things lol.
So this morning I woke up early on my lie-in so that I could talk to my baby. God I love him so much! It was great, as always lol. I’ll spare you all the details as, well, I know there are some of you who are put off the information, but I will say this. He was completely open with me and did anything I wanted. And I can’t wait to repay the favour. Unfortunately I can only talk to him either late at night or early in the morning, but I’m coping. I love him, I really do. I mean, I find myself randomly laughing to myself, just remembering something he said or did, and it brightens my day. I get to feel close to him, despite the distance. I got his Christmas present but unfortunately I have to wait for it to arrive, before I can personalise it and then send it on its second journey.
But he has asked me to do something which I will keep a secret for the moment. Feel free to guess lol. But it is pretty big to me, and kind of difficult to do, but more so since no one seems to be willing to help me. Hrm ... I may have to try in person.
Sorry for that rant lol, where was I? Oh yes, PETER! I love him.

Never leave me baby x

~ Jack xx

P.S. I think I may have failed my Maths C3 Exam (Mock), but I will find out on Friday :S


Rowan said...

Hi Jack,

Don't think i've commented on your blog before (?) so um... hi :)
I've read every single post of yours in the past 2/3 hours and quite honestly ive done nothing else, ive been quite captivated :P (sad much?)

I just also want to say i am quite envious of you hehe (envy tends to get the better of me quite a lot); you have many gay/bi friends whereas i have none, you have an awesome bf even though you cant physcially be with him, and lastly, you're out to so many more people than i am.

But that asides, im glad ive read all your blog now coz its cool that you live in Britain (as i also do) and you're around the same age as me (im 16)
So yeah, i think im going to paying attention to your blog and on blogger in general coz ive been lacking in doing so for the past few months - my post frequency currently isn't great.

Thats about all ive really got to say for now :)

Rowan <3

Rowan said...

Oh, and about your own posting frequency - it's your blog mate, just as you please. 1 a day? Fine, we'll all catch up eventually if we get left behind. Don't let us hold you back if you've got something to say ;)

jaygeemmm said...

dang it, lost a comment to you...will tell you later...all good, of course...
late for me...
peace <3

Jack xx said...

Hi Rowan,
no i dont think you have and i look forward to commenting with you, haha. But WOW, 2/3 hours is a short period of time to read everything haha, you must have a lot of time on your hands or be a very fast reader (but d/w its not sad, i do it too haha). But thank you for being "captivated" :)

As for the envy, you shouldnt be. I'm sure you have some friends who are just as accepting, and possibly even better friends than mine. That sounded kinda egotisticsl haha, but it wasnt suposed to :P Yes my bf is amazing, but your time will come soon enough, besides if your not out then how will they know your on the market? lol. And finaly, we all come out at our own pace. i've litterally just blurted it out to everyone in the last year or so. Its just a matter of deciding who is trustworthy, will accept me and wont tell others.

It is pretty cool that you live in Britain, your the first blogger around my age that lives in Britain, to talk to me/back to me lol. I cant wait to read your blog and everything, and haha cool, thank you :)

Nice chat, feel free to add me on MSN or somethign if you dont want to be public about info and stuff lol.
Jack xx

Jack xx said...

And haha, ok Jay x

Micky said...

Grief! Fancy you guys not knowing each other! Obviously I shouldn't assume everyone reads each other's blogs and maybe I should have introduced you earlier. Oops!

But it's now the 9th so yesterday was my sister's birthday and tomorrow is yours, yes?

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow!

Jack xx said...

Haha, agreed Micky, but it is not your job to introduce people, even if it is a very nice thought haha. But no, not everyone reads the same blogs, although most who read mine read everyone else's haha.

Happy birthday fro yesterday Micky's sister :P and thank you :) I may be able to fit in a small post before i head off out tomorow lol
Jack xx

wayner said...

Yeah Jack I know the feeling when it comes to mothers lol. They can be touchy and don't take well to criticism; best to avoid mentioning some things (think ahead!)cos the upset just isn't worth it. I'm a bit of a perfectionist too and I like things done 100% right or not at all. (us gays are an intelligent lot!)
-I envy you having such a close confidant in Peter; you guys really seem to be on the same wavelength.
-A few suggestions about math; in math you are either right or wrong, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Most math teachers know their math but can't teach it. Pay close attention in class (instead of daydreaming about Peter) and spend some extra time on it at home cos it is an important subject. Review the basics and correct all mistakes; practice and repetition is important. If you don't understand the teacher then study the theory and examples in the textbook, also always read ahead to the next lesson so you have an idea of what the teacher is talking about the next day. Worked for me, but you do need to commit more time to improve. bfn - Wayne :)

Jack xx said...

Hey Wayne,

I know and i tend to avoid these subjects as much as possible, but you never really know what will set her off :/

Haha, as i always say, each minute alone brings you closer to that special someone. So i wouldnt be envious, your time will come :) But i do think/hope we are on the same wavelength :)

As for maths, i am generally good (one of the best in my class) but it was jsut a really hard exam. I am used to revisign and practice haha, so no worries there, and the teacher is really quite good (although kind of slow than i'd like lol). Even my friend Elle who is a maths genious thinks she'll fail lol.
Jack xx

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

Sorry to hear about the upset with the Christmas baubles. Sometimes communication just doesn't happen the way you want it to, unfortunately. At least things seem to have settled down again quickly.

I'm very curious about what Peter has asked you to do, but I don't think I have enough information to speculate. I look forward to hearing all about when you choose to tell us...

Meanwhile, since I won't be here tomorrow or over the weekend (yes, I'm having another weekend away), I should say this now:


I hope you have a great time, however you choose to celebrate.



Jack xx said...

Yes i know haha, its jsut a bit frustrating as i usually try to think through what to say so that things like that wont happpen, but it didnt work :/ oh well.

Haha, well i'm not sure if i will tell everyone at all yet, but as i said, feel free to guess lol. And thank you :) Have a great weekend lol x

Jack xx

Jason Shaw said...

Eiks, not always easy, this life thingy, but you have that love with Peter and that's a great great thing. Treasure it.

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