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Sunday, 5 December 2010

High and Dry

Third time lucky!
Me and Peter had our third date this morning and it was amassing. The first was a complete failure but we got through it. Our second, he turned off the film he chose as it was boring him. But the third was amazing. We watched toy story 3 together – even on the same screen! (we watched it on his TV and he put it through webcam as the films he got/wanted I couldn’t get in time). The only down side was that I couldn’t see him! :(
I miss my baby!
So towards the end of the film, I could hear sobbing over webcam, and I knew it wasn’t from the film as I’ve seen it before ... and it was quite obvious it was Peter lol. I just hated not being able to hold my arm around my baby and rock him. I just could do nothing to comfort him. I am just the worst bf in the world. But fortunately it wasn’t too bad, and he quickly recovered. Especially when we moved on ...
As always with us, things took a sexual turn lol, and we teased each other a little bit. And then we got down to having some fun. I’ll spare you the details, but I accidentally closed the webcam and he then refused to open it back up (granted he was tired and I didn’t really mind lol). So I was left high and dry. He left me so frustrated all day! So like he blamed me, I blame him. I think he did it on purpose lol.
I just love him so much! I miss him already :(

~ A Smitten but Frustrated Jack xx


jaygeemmm said...

There's always Ronald Palmer and his five sisters!

Glad it went well.

Peace <3

Ethan said...

Glad the movie went well.

I was wondering why you were set to busy all day on MSN and now I know lol

Well don't worry summer will be here in no time and you and Peter will be together

Take Care Jack (and Peter)

Love<~Peter~> said...

lol i was not crying over anythigng big i was crying because the toys were about to die... i am a sucker for toy story lol and that was very sad Love<~Peter~>

Ethan said...

I must admit I too almost cried when I saw the movie. I mean that was pretty powerful and I didn't think Disney would do a good job either but the did

Jack xx said...

Haha, true Jay.

And i also had a ton of homework to catch up on, for missing a week off of college lol.

But i know you did baby, thats why i said "it wasn’t too bad", but regardless, i love you baby! xxx
Jack xx

Micky said...

Oh grief! I burst into tears at the drop of a hat with films and stuff. I do it over people's blogs some days!

Oh I know - it'd be good to have been able to cuddle him (and he's just told us his feet don't smell as bad, hasn't he? so that's reassuring) - but it'll be all the better when you introduce him to your sister and your family all make a fuss of him.

It'll be well worth waiting for!

wayner said...

I think this the first blog that I have commented on with such a torrid on-line love affair! Either you will have to move to Texas or Peter move to England; maybe go to university together? But nice to have a little excitement during the long and boring winter. bfn - Wayne :)

Jack xx said...

Aww micky, thats so adorable! haha. But what was that about smelly feet? :S

And Wayner, haha, thats true lol. Mostly unintentional, but "torrid" none the less. But sadly i have already submitted my university application, and i dont think Peter is able to come here. But i am trying to make it over there for the summer, and the rest we will work out as it comes.

Jack xx

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