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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Three Busy Days

Ok, so I will be honest that I’m not really ‘feeling’ blogger at the moment, I have actually been putting this post off for some time, but don’t know why. I’m just struggling to get in the mood, so this will probably be far more condensed then usual ...

So this day we went around my mum’s for games and food. She actually cooked! Proper food! She did gammon, roast potatoes, carrots, coli-flour, Yorkshire puddings, two types of gravy, crackling AND Profiteroles AND nibbles/munch (crisps, nuts ect).
I was flabbergasted!
So we had dinner, and I was actually stuffed early! So we sat down and played some games. I taught my family how to play Irish Snap (a college favourite) which is a more complicated version of snap but OHHH so fun! Because you use two packs and get like 20 people shoving their hands in ... its brutal! They loved it, and we taught mum and dad some other games. As usually I got the whole “your necklace is too short!” speech ... which granted, it is 14 inches, but that’s how long I wanted and that’s how long I like it ... so leave it!
I also heard from Ariel that my other sister ... um ... Ursula ... was pestering Ariel about my GF and was really offended that I hadn’t told Ursula about who I was dating, and that we didn’t share such a close bond (probably all those times she beat me up ... play fighting ... or calling me “gay" ... ironic lol). So she came into my room ranting and raving (after some drinks) and pestered me, and saw that I was talking online to someone and ran over ... fortunately this was the ONLY time I was online with someone other than Peter lol, so I got away with it.
Anyway, so Ariel was apologising about almost telling Ursula and then we had a bit of a giggle about what she had actually said; such as “he will come out when he is ready!”, which is one of my favourites lol.
In the end I chickened out telling the folks. I couldn’t bring myself to raise the subject but I promised if they asked about my gf I would tell them.
They didn’t ask.

Tuesday we went shopping in London! Camden! It was kind of boring at first because all of the shops/stalls are selling clothes for girls or shoes for girls, so naturally there was nothing for me. Me and my sisters had a few tiny falling out’s but we got past it lol, and I even got a really nice lumber-jack shirt (which is fitted and really retro which I LOVE atm!) and a waistcoat (which I have been wanting for ages!) so all was good.
Kind of like this, only I have a tie instead of a Cravat.

Later on my dad started yelling at me because I got confused from HIS instructions.
THEN he starts yelling at me because I used a different method, to him, to carefully mix in egg whites to a mixture!
So once I finished, I went upstairs in a mood, to be confronted by dad who said that basically ‘I only do things to get in the way and frustrate everyone else, even if it means going out of MY own way!’ ... translation? I RUIN EVERYONE’S LIFE.

We went around to my Granddad’s house (the other one) for a smaller type of Christmas, as he didn’t want to host it this year. So all the family came over and we had a roast dinner and snacks and played ‘parlour’ games for the evening. I even beat my cousin at his own racing game! Haha. And Ariel won at Cludo ... AGAIN! And i had to put up with numerous "gay" and "queer" jokes thoughout one quizz as the character was called Queer Captain, who was a superhero.
But I had a lot of fun, even with a headache. So that was my day, and now I an sat here typing this, while talking to my AMASING bf Peter and his bro’s, before I head off to bed, to get an ‘early’ (supposedly) night before I have to film tomorrow.
All the best, Jack xx
P.S. A HUGE shout-out to my friend Lauren over at Life of Lauren who is my 30th Follower!!!

BUT, I got picked on for most of the evening. Firstly, me and my sister got into a discussion about how coloured contacts are the ONLY way to change your eye colour, and I made a comment about tattooing them (I saw it on a US show, but couldn’t remember if it was needles or just paint) and everyone started calling me stupid. So I said:
“well you don’t know, as much as I do” ... EMPHASIS ON THE COMMA!
But they ignored that comma and presumed I was being all high and mighty, saying I am the most intelligent person in the world!


wayner said...

Your family life sounds fun and interesting. Maybe work on getting along with your father better. I guess parents have their expectations concerning their children and this is what makes coming out so fearful. But really a gay couple can have work and income, a family and home, the same as straight people do; in the end you want the same things they do. bfn - Wayne :)

Rowan said...

Ive said this before but how much of a coincidence is it that as soon as i arrive your blog slows down? :P
Coincidence i know but meh haha
(was it something i said??? o.O)

But i know what you mean Jack, when i first started blogging it was post after post every other day for a few months then it started to slow down. I post on average once or twice a week now or just really whenever i have the need to say something. Thats what blogs are all about for me ^^

Rowan <3

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