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Thursday, 21 July 2011


I dont know what it is about the rain that is so soothing to me, but it is.

I could sit here for hours on end, just listening to it washing away everythign in its path. The sheer destructive yet cleansing power. The magnitude and the delicateness. Polar opposites in binary opposition, foever bound to fight for domiance.

Yet neither knows, they are both in control, both dominant, both the same thing.

If you actually look at the rain, its amasing how so many tiny dorplets can come together to form such a force! And in each droplet, there are tons of water molecules, and in each of those tons of atoms.

An infinate force, constantly recreating itself, to both take and restore life. Everything coming together for the greater good.

Its something you rarely see in nature. something to beautiful. So Pure. So deadly.

I love just lying here and watching it rain down on the world below, without a care in the world. Not doing what it wants, but what it must, for everything else. Even if they dont know that they need it.

Its one of those things that you might miss if it wernt there, but you can live without. Its one of those complexities in the world that you would only miss because you have seen it.

But after a while, if you didnt see it again, or if you never saw it, you would forget it and it would cease to exist. In physicality and in mentality.

So destructive. So delicate. So forgetable


StarSandwich said...

Hia Again Jack. Must be getting tired of me commenting xD Oh wells.

I totally agree. But I'm not one to watch, I like going out in it. My family and friends think I'm insane. When it rains heavy and you see it splashing on the roads and the puddles and its just so tempting. You ever smelt the rain? When the soil has been upturned damp grass and soil, it smells beautiful.

- Star

Jack xx said...

hey Star,

Of course i'm not tired of you commenting, i like it really xD

I used to go out in the rain whenever it rained! Once or twice i've gone to the local field and just rolled arround in the mud, if it was very stormy, but i dont do it anymore, i guess i grew up :/

Oh and i've definately smelt the rain! One of my favorite smells (that and freshly mowed grass). My friends always thing i'm weird when i talk about the smell of rain ... but it exists! And is indeed beautiful xx

StarSandwich said...

Hahaa, Good Good. Don't want to appear stalker-ish.

Grew up! Never to old for rain my friend. xD Haha my friends had the same reaction to me sniffing the rain but Hay its all good. Mowed grass :) Indeed one of my favorites but I like the smell Of moss and petrol :D x
- Star

Wayne said...

I like the occasional rain cos it gives me an excuse to relax in front of the tube like Homer Simpson lol. It's raining now as I type this and the coolness is nice. But I've seen lots of nice sunny weather in England (on the BBC) and time for you to get to the beach for some fun (you know, young guys in bathing suits). Lots of nice beaches around here on the river and an ocean beach is not far away. - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

I love the rain. I've camped in it, hiked in it, sat in a tent and watched the lightning play off the mountain peaks around me. I love going to sleep with it pitter-pattering on the roof over me.

Love your imagery in this post. Very, very nice. Made me re-think rain just a bit!

Peace <3

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