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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Is it True?

So last night me and Emo Guy got into a bit of an argument. Cutting a long story short, i used one of his pictures of me on facebook. I didnt think about asking him and he got upset. This is how the convo went ...

Emo Guy
im sobering up with orange juice and crisps xD
lol aww
yu stole my photograph
yup :P
its of me, so i concider it repayment :P:
and the copyright belongs to me and i consider it rude you didnt ask.
fine, i'm sorry and i'l remove it
go sober up or something
oh geee thanks now your treating me like an alcoholic :L
coz its not like i actually have a busy life or anything >_<
i didnt call you an alcoholic, you were the one who said you were sobering up, and i didnt even comment on your "busy life" :L but as you said "whatever"
(YYYY) whatever helps you sleep at nte
Thats nice.
Is there any reason to be this way?
What way?
I’m not being cold
you know how personal i take my photography it wouldnt of killed you to let me know at least u were using the pic
and i changed my entire way of living the times u were down here u dont see the stress i actually put up with
Sorry, I didn’t think it’d have mattered
Il probably wake up tomorrow and gele terrible
Its fine. I took it down and its behind us now
Hahaaaa nah
its best if you dont come over anymore, i dont like treating good people badly but its in my nature
you know what, its fine. i'm not going to sit here and beg you not to leave like i did before. If you like me and like hanging out then you'll continue to talk to me, if you dont then you wont. I know its a risk seems as you can 'forget me' in an instant but oh well. And this isnt an ultematum, i'm just saying that whatever happens happens
i'm sure that came out wrong, but i hope you know what i mean
bye jack (=
nice knowing you
no it wasent :)
wasn’t nice knowing me? Thanks.
          [then he deleted his fb profile]


Is it over? Did i throw it away?

           Yes, i know that he wont come back, he can 'forget' about me in an instant if he chose to ... and i think he chose to.


Anonymous said...

aww jack I am sorry my love text me when you can im up Love<~Peter~>

Anonymous said...

Wow really? I understand if he was upset but to go trough all of that?

What an ass.

Sorry he made a big deal about it

StarSandwich said...

JACK! oh dear! Its just creepy and creepy how much alike we are... It strange!! No alike but circumstances. And 'If' this is like my scenario he will come back.

*Flash back :P* Well I went out with an emo was together a total of six months a little on and off mostly my fault due to the fact were like two worlds away... Anyhow. Back to the story. He'd push me away get Jealous over bearing paranoid and in this case moody. I started to say sorry if something went tits up. Like you did. and we fell out over the slightest things. we'd break up hed remove me and block me.

So if this is like my case though you think he'll forget you he wont.. Give it a day or two and He 'Will' be back I'm sure.

Though not to put you off or anything. I couldn't take the relationship it was hurting me and him so it had to end. I couldn't deal with "Babysitting his EGO"

Look not your fault you wanted a picture up. Remember be a little stronger. Don't say sorry over something as petty.

- Best wishes with this. STAR ^_^

naturgesetz said...

My reaction is that he was being a complete idiot over this. You definitely are not to blame, and if he is really that childish you are well rid of him. That said, I know you really like him and want the relationship to continue, and as Star Sandwich says, he may be back. The question then will be how long you continue to put up with his nonsense. It's okay for you to put up with it if you want to. After all, it's your life, and as long as he doesn't hurt you, you can decide if he's worth the hassle. But IMO this is not a good sign. If he apologizes for being such a fool that will be a good sign.

And to answer you questions, I don't know for sure if it's over, but if it is, he threw it away, not you. You didn't do anything to justify his throwing it away.


Wayne said...

If he is that shallow as to be upset over a stupid picture then he is no great loss. Wait until the challenges of the real world hit him if he wants something to whine about. I dunno; maybe you just hit him at hangover time and he was being a dick as we all can be at times. Get in touch with him again tomorrow. - Wayne

Anonymous said...

Based on the whole string of posts, most of which had very little positive in them about emo boy, I'd say you are well rid of him. I know you were hoping it might perhaps grow into something, but a rocky start like you guys had seems not to be a basis for a relationship.

And you didn't throw anything away. It seems to me this is all on him, based entirely on your posts of your interactions with him: abandoning you, and on down the list. And as he said, he doesn't like treating good people badly, but he certainly did.

Peace <3

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