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Saturday, 23 July 2011


What is today's society coming to, where you cant walk down your own street without being both offered an illegal substance and insulted, within the space of 10 seconds?!

On my way home from meeting up with some friends, i was about to turn the corner into my culdesac where i passed a group of ... people.

My judgemental side would be tempted to call them thugs, yobs, hooligans ... but i wont.

Naturally i quickly walk past them, i know they wont harm me (i'm sure my next door neighbour is with them right now ... not that they would anyway) but i just dont like talking to them. I find them rude and arrogant.

So i walk past, minding my own business, when one pipes up and asks me if i want any weed. He used a whole string of words for it, but i dont remeber most, although "cheese" came up which amused me lol.

Anway, i simply said no and continued walking. Then i just heard them yell "NERD" and i went inside.

But this reminded me of something that happened about a month ago...

I was walking into town when two kids asked a similar question. They might have been asking for it or asking me if i wanted it, but it doesnt matter.

Both were negatives.

So then i heard them yell out "NERD" too, which i brushed off. But something more difficult to brush off were the rocks they started throwing.

I dont know if they were just tring to get my attention, scare me or hurt me, but they all missed ... although some came close.

I wasn't overly scared or anything, and tbh i kinda wanted one to hit me so i could turn arround and yell at them lol, but they didnt.

I just continued on walking, thinking "is this because of my new look?!" (i had recently died my hair and this had never happened before ... coincidence?)

but my main thought was "what is happeneing to today's youth in society?!" I mean, insulting and criticising someone for turning down drugs! REALLY?!

And then resorting to violence because verbal insults go unaffected! I hope that one day these kids would look at themselves and see what they are becoming before its too late!

Or else, all may be lost ...

I think this pretty much sums up what i have to say ...
Literally and metaphorically


Anonymous said...

What I find interesting is that they both called you a nerd because you turned them down. Is that some sort of Brit term for someone who doesn't do drugs?

Peace <3

Wayne said...

I dunno Jack; I'm getting the impression that you were not too friendly with them. How would they have responded if you had given them a smile and said 'oh I'm not into smoking pot but thanks anyway' and maybe even had some conversation with them. I think they wanted to get to know you. Yeah some people are a bit crude but not so bad when you get to know them.
-Others pick up on attitude and quickly sense whether you like them or not. Are you more judgmental than you think? Is that why the kids threw rocks at you? A smile and charm goes a long way to disarming awkward situations. When others think you like them and accept them, they will like you back. - Wayne

StarSandwich said...

Hahahaaa. Just call them 'DICK HEADS' 'CHAVS' works. Where I come from a lot of people like that.
Damn makes me wish I was a little like you, I can't keep it cool. If someone had called me "Nerd" I would have had to say something, and as for the throwing of the rocks I would have decked the little shits. Even though I would have been half there size and maybe gang beaten I would still have managed some how... But that's just because I'm a violent little shit. Anyhow.

Wayne. I will have to disagree you have to completely blank people like them. If he had spoken to them I don't think it would have ended well. People like that aren't all nice. Some are, I know a few. But groups together are never nice.

New Look?? Probably well if your being targeted by chavs group most likely. The at my school like that was targeted. But as for the drug questions? no. they ask every one.

- Star ^_^

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