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Saturday, 1 January 2011


Gosh, it is so strange to think that I am in a different year to my bf. We are a long distance travelling and time travelling relationship! God I love him!
So my night was quite plain tonight, I was going to get drunk at a party, but I didn’t feel like drinking which meant either stop at one or force it down. And I’ve learnt my lesson! I stopped at one! So of course the rest of the party was kind of bland, but what the hell, I haven’t seen them much this holiday! The highlight was either flirting with a straight guy in a relationship. Oh, calm down! He is trying to break up with her for the last 2 months and is straight and would never go for me if he were ... and I am a natural flirt with Peter’s permission lol. OR it was wrestling with my friend on the sofa’s. He even climbed on top of me! Haha. But once again, he is straight. AND they were both drunk, and I don’t want to take advantage.

So that was my new years, I am sat here, watching Fools Gold, talking to my baby and eating half my body weight in food.

But I did manage o make some New Year revolutions:
  1. Revise more and become more independant with research.
  2. Do well in my exams.
  3. Make more of an effort with Peter and finally get to meet him!
  4. Come out to the world!
  5. Eat less and become less fat.

So overall the last year has been a mixture of high’s and low’s.
  • I accepted that I was bi.
  • I had a girlfriend.
  • I lost a girlfriend.
  • I had a girlfriend.
  • I lost a girlfriend.
  • I got a male friend with benefits.
  • I lost male friend with benefits.
  • I met the most amazing guy in the world.
  • I lost a, different but equally amazing, guy from the world.
  • I’ve been rushed off my feat to near exhaustion.
  • And I’ve spent days in bed doing nothing.
It’s the same pretty much every year (with the exception of Peter and Joel) so let’s hope next year has something extra special for me. But even if it is in the past, it will Never Be Forgotten x

~ Jack xx


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year :)
I hope that it's a good one!

Lauren x

Anonymous said...

Nice post, my friend. I really think your pluses outweigh and outnumber the minuses. Even in the short time we've known each other. There is no where to go but UP from here! Keep it up, Jack!
Happy New Year!
Peace <3

wayner said...

If I were a teen today I would be very wary about drinking with all the cells, small cameras and cams around. Someday a potential employer will be looking at some very embarassing pics on fb lol. But isn't it great to wake up New Year's Day feeling great while all the other lushes are puking their guts out?
-I find with food it is best to avoid over-consumption of junk food or any food with a lot of refined white flour, fat, and sugar. Eat regular quality farm food in moderation and get regular exercise, and don't snack; your body doesn't really need a whole lot of food unless you are physically working hard all day and the extra calories just go to your waist.
-You should have kept the male friend with benefits! Duh! lol. bfn - Wayne :)

Jack xx said...

haha, thanks everyone :)

And dw Wayne, i block all content on bf to people i havn't accepted, so even if there are pics, they are safe. And i'm pretty certain that a (potential or current) employer can't fire you for witholding personal and private info lol.

And i do usually (about thefood, drink and excercise) and no i shouldn't have kept them lol.

Take care everyone! Jack xx

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