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Saturday, 1 January 2011


Ok, so my second post of the new year! Well I've ben up all night waiting for Peter. I wanted to celebrate the New Year with him and beyond, so I decided to wait up, which I am slightly regretting now as I am dying! haha, but I dont actually regrette it! Not one bit!

I am feeling kind of sick right now. Not through drinking, but illness. I have a blocked nose, headache, temperature, cough, sore throat/tonsils, and my foot hurts (unrelated lol). I can't believe I'm sick AGAIN! Peter was/is ill, so I think he has infected me ¬ ¬

Who knew you could pass illness through the internet! Maybe it works through the USB ports?!

So onto the topic of this post. Our Honeymoon.

NO! Me and Peter did not get married! (although he did propose a few times lol). But it is reffering to the 'Honeymoon' period in a relationship; this is where the couple are inseperable and completely in L.O.V.E. with each other. Don't get me wrong, I love Peter to pieces and would never want to hurt him, but I have been wondering if we have moved beyond our honeymoon.

I mean, we are less OTT and innocent and innecperienced, but at the same time, we have grown. I feel more at peace with him and like we are a couple. I hate saying "boyfriend" because it sounds so Jouvinile, and now I feel like he is more than that; he is my friend, my lover, my partner, myself in some ways. I love him.

But am I ready to leave behind that raw passion that every new relationship has?

Am I ready to take on a new chapter?

I Love You Baby xx
~ Jack xx


steve7575 said...

Happy New Year Jack. The vid can't be seen in the US Steve

Jack xx said...

Hi Steve, thanks for commenting :)
Some video's don't work internationally i'm afriad. I dont know what tbh lol. I'll try to fix it soon or change the vid.

But until then, the basic message of the story is that things are different but they've changed for the better x

Jack xx

Clem said...

It's called a virus! Happy new year, hope it's a good one for you and Peter.

EdeSchuster said...

Happy new year! I know 2011 would be the year of you and Peter (I saw it in my coffee-grounds this morning ;-) )

P.S.: I hope you get better soon!

G-STAR said...

Happy new year mate hope 2011 brings you happyness and good health bad start there i know. staying up all night isnt good but I understand it has to be done things you do for love eh

jaygeemmm said...

Happy New Year, Jack!

I think your relationship is progressing down the normal road of relationships (not that I'm that good of a judge). You've discovered the way things work, even when you're physically separated. It's great to see you two doing so well together. It gives hope for all of us finding that special someone.

Peace <3

Jack xx said...

Haha, thanks everyone! Hopefully i'll get better soon and i know staying up until about 8am isn't the best thing for it ... but he's worth it! haha.

Happy new year everyone!
Jack xx

wayner said...

Sounds like a flu bug on the way so look after it; cold meds, vitamins, chicken soup, ginger ale, and lots of rest. Of course you will always be passionate; you are more comfortable with Peter. bfn - Wayne :)

Lauren said...

I'm not an expert in the area of relationships at all but I'll chuck in my two pence worth :)
Try not to split your relationship up into stages. Let what's going to happen, happen :) kind of like a natural progression. If you're ready for it, don't think about it, just go with it ^_^
All relationships change over time as the people in them become more experienced and learn more about one another, but that isn't a bad thing - it's whatever you make it :)

Lauren x

jaygeemmm said...

@Lauren: Only two pence? That was worth a quid at least! Very, very good advice. Maybe you're not an expert, but your comment was very, very smart!

Peace <3

Lauren said...

Thank you very much! As is yours, as usual :)

Lauren x

jaygeemmm said...

Thank you, lovely lady!

Peace <3

Ethan said...

I think this is the video. For those in the U.S.
Take care Jack and Happy New Year

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