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Sunday, 2 January 2011


Hey everyone!
How was your day? Oh really?! WOW! Myself? Well, I had quite a good procrastinating day. Thank you.
What did I do?

So both me and Ariel woke up late but as it was my granddad, we didn’t rush. Not that we don’t care or anything, just that he doesn’t mind when we arrive. So we left and we I did the shopping, which was fun and then we ate our ‘breakfast’ on the way. When there it was quite average, he was in a chatty mood, so we left the talking to him for a change, and instead we tidied up.
And boy did we tidy!
We usually do the dishes and occasionally Hoover, whenever it needs it, but I even hovered with this special power that makes the room smell nice, I cleaned his TV (and I mean proper clean), I polished his tables, took down his decorations, cleaned his door where his Christmas Cards were hanging, cleaned his kitchen and of course ... did the dishes.
So we said adieu and left, had a quick pitstop on the way home, and ... went ice skating! We went with our mum and her new bf. I don’t really have an opinion on him atm. I mean, I know he is nice and treats her well, ect, but he just doesn’t do it for me :/ But it’s not like we hang out or anything and if mum is happy, then I don’t mind.

I went to see my granddad in the morning, which was nice. Except I had to call him up for his shopping list before we went to Sainsbury’s, which meant I ended up with unanswered questions of “what’s that granddad”, and later on, the inevitable complaint from Ariel, lol. But what the hey!

So I we mum Perry paid for the ice skating tickets (he had his own skates!) and we got going. It was great fun, I haven’t been in about 10 years and have actually missed it, but it hurts your feet like hell! After about 20 mins the novelty wore off and you’re just left there skating around in circles, but oh well it was fun. I spent most of the time with Ariel, when the lovebirds were skating walking crawling along the ice (mum had 0 balance), and so eventually he raced off to do several laps quickly and almost showing off lol as we skated walked crawled with mum. She dragged her and Ariel down twice, but I managed to stay up the whole time!

Two people got quite badly injured there tho, which was a shame. One person broke their wrist I think. I don’t know for sure, but I’m an expert and injuries (suffered so many) and mum is a nurse, so I know more than the average person I think. You could just tell it was broken from the swelling, the position, colour ect. And OMG! His daughter! We were right next to the exit, so when they got everyone up, I saw her, and she was balling her eyes out! I just wanted to hug her! But that may have scared her a bit loll Well a lot!

Then like an hour later, some woman was just lying on the ice. I’m pretty certain she fell and hit her head because she wasn’t moved away, and they kept her still for about 30 mins. They checked her pulse and everything, and then had to corner off the ice, which must have been SO embarrassing! Especially because when someone is hurt, they make everyone move to the sides, so that they can make sure no one is in the way! AWKWARD!

But yes, so they cornered her off and gave her some heating blankets to keep her warm, and just before we left, we saw her get taken away on a stretcher, so I’m certain they think she has a concussion. But the amount of health and safety checks they have to do, it could have just been a bump.
So it was a great day of procrastination, where I got NO homework done lol, but oh well. I’m kind of suffering now, as I feel ill again, completely drained and my feet are killing me! But totally worth it! Even just to look at the hotties. And OMG were there! None as hot or cute as my baby Peter, but still ...
I'd love to do this with my Baby.

Anyway, hope you are all well, Jack xx


Lauren said...

I've been ice skating twice in my life and the first time I was awful and the second I went with a club that I'm in for our Christmas Party but my friend and I just sat and watched and ate a whole packet of Revels between us so that was fun but damn cold!
A woman fell and hit her head when I went too but the group that I'm in is a first aid group (which was lucky!) and so one of our instructors went over to help out and he can't ice skate very well so watching him go over there and get back was so funny! They wheeled a stretcher onto the ice and took her off but she wasn't awake so she didn't feel any pain.
That put me off ice skating even more!
I'm glad that you had a nice time and I hope that your cold doesn't come back with too much force :)

Lauren x

Brian said...

That was really nice what you did for your granddad: shopping, cleaning, visiting. You are building up points: when you get in that position hopefully there will be someone to do the same for you. You are to be commended.

It sounds like a very nice, busy day you had, a good start for the new year.

jaygeemmm said...

You and your sister are so nice to your granddad. What a great thing to do for him. I know he cherishes your visits.

The ice skating sounds like fun. It's been a long time since I've been, too, but I remember it was fun. It's a shame people got hurt, though, and I'm happy you weren't one of them! Isn't it too bad that you can't comfort a crying child without thinking "better not, someone might think it's bad"?

I'm glad you had fun on your procrastination day, and just think, you've got a couple more days off to laze about.

Well cool, Jack!
Peace <3

wayner said...

So nice you helping out your granddad! I remember skating as a kid and falling on the ice didn't hurt one bit. The main rule was never let your head hit the ice! I still skate occasionally but I am super careful cos falling now hurts like hell lol. Bit of a boring day; I went for a mountain bike ride and then washed it after cos it is slushy and dirty around here this time of year. Just downloaded two songs by Kesha to my Ipod Touch (Tik Tok and We R who we R) Ran across an old song 'Words of Love' by the Beatles (originally done by Buddy Holly) and downloaded that one; a two minute marvel of harmony. Listen to it and think of Peter! bfn - Wayne :)

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