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Friday, 21 January 2011

I am a Rockstar!

Yes, its true. It is official.

No, Not this one!!!

 (sorry, its the only vid i could find)

I have been mistaken for one, have the mentality/fashion of one and now ... I have a music video!

So I’ll start off with my mentality.

As I am writing this, I am procrastinating from doing revision for my exam tomorrow afternoon, in Sociology (i'll let yall know how i do). I mean, who really cares if Crime is socially constructed through Political and Economic marginalisation, or that NRR’s believe in Broken Windows, or that Marxists believe in Commodity Fetishism (yes, I though yall’d like that one lol).

As for the fashion, I can be really vain sometimes. I love clothes and I like to look nice. Not to say I don’t have my bad hair days or days where I just throw on anything. But a combination of OCD, good fashion sense, logistics and careful shopping result in one thing. MATCHING CLOTHES. I don’t mean the kind, where several items match perfectly! ... although I do actually have that through coincidence ... but where my socks, underwear, shoes and top (and jumper, hat scarf ect) have to be matching in colour!

Sad... I know.

But anyway, so the other night (Tuesday, I think), I had a little family ‘outing’. Me, my dad and my two sisters went up to London to watch ‘The Boxer Rebellion’. My dad has been following them (literally) since 2003; which means I have been brought up on their music. And its really strange being offered a pint and being able to accept it now lol ... even if I did trip up the stairs and spill half of it on me :/

But it’s great. Because my dad’s known them for so long, they’re really good mates. Like, he’s driven their tour bus, gets shout-outs, backstage passes, free CD’s and Posters (signed of course) like 3 months before its released! They’re really great musicians who used to be signed, and the label went broke, (and now they’ve made cameo’s on films) and its great! I know celebrities!

They play all over the world which is great. My dad went to Brussels to watch them live, and they are playing at this massive concert in Texas. I SOO WANT TO GO, just so I can see my baby lol, but its too expensive and is probably really far away anyway :/

So anyway, their manager was talking to me in the bar (I love being 18 lol) and he was like “do you have a band, you look like your a rock star” , and I was like OMG!!! I WISH! He gave off that vibe that he liked my look and would have been interested if I had any talent in music lol. Kinda gutted I didn’t learn as a child (well, continue).

So, onto my last part. I AM A ROCKSTAR! Me and my partner finished our Draft of our Music Video, last week (I was LITTERALLY the LAST person out of college. The caretaker told me off for being there so late lol and was waiting for me to leave so he could set the alarm). But then my partner was ill and I didn’t know, so I couldn’t upload it to YouTube yet. But here it is: enjoy.

(Btw, we changed actors so there are some discrepancies, and some missing shots, but feedback would be great x)

(lol, i had to re-create this video for media ... just thought you'd like to know)

Jack xx
P.S. Had a nice chat with my Mum earlier, about how she is putting too much emphasis on her and her bf’s distance. He lives in Manchester, and she keeps complaining it might not work. LOL. I would have told her then how far Peter lives, but I want to tell my dad and my mum together.

P.S.S. Dad’s in a mood because someone broke the splash-back on our cooker. Complete crack in it! But it actually wasn’t me lol.

P.S.S.S. I LOVE YOU BABY! I know we haven’t had a chance to talk much lately, but I really do love you. You are my world atm, and make me smile. You are my breathe, so don’t fail me now :) xx

P.S.S.S.S. Jake is staying over tonight, so that'll be fun :)

P.S.S.S.S.S. Hello to my 3 new followers :)

P.S.S.S.S.S.S. Sorry for all the added P.S.'s


Anonymous said...

Manchester! Like you said - your Mum can talk about distance loving!

Suddenly it's all legal in a bar and you don't have to ask for 'coke'. Ten feet tall suddenly (providing you do know what to ask for!). It's like something we never forget. Rite of passage or something.

Oh and

PS (coz it's all the rage around here) Who has the missing bits?

PPS neat cuts, enough light on pretty much all of it and consistent sound level of the band. PD good I'd think.

PPPS love to you and Peter.

Wayne said...

Hi Jack; well that is more like it, a nice post and I am really impressed with your vid; it has a professional quality. Interesting sound too, alternating between heavy and light. Young people today are amazingly talented and do not get the credit they deserve. bfn - Wayne :) (and have fun with Jake too if you know what I mean!)

Jack xx said...

Haha thanks Micky. The missing bits are yet to be filmed (tomorow. Thanks, i've done media for 4 years now, so i'm like an expert on the equipment and editing ect (not to sound big-headded lol). And thanks, Luv you too :)

And Wayne, thanks :) I did have a good night and stuff, but was still down. Less so now, but will talk later. The song is pretty cool, and so we tried to portray it in the visuals :) And thank you for the compliment (if it was directed at me lol)
It got a little difficult to film at points, as both me and my partner are in the video at the same time lol, but we managed it :P

And no i wont. Granted, he is one of my crushes, but no.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Well done, Jack (and crew)! I think back to my projects in college (Super 8mm Film and audio tape) and it's like "HOLY CRAP look where they are now!" Can't wait to see the final product, this is truly an excellent piece of work!

Peace <3

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