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Friday, 7 January 2011

Great Day ... I think

So Today's post will be about:

The positively astounding repercussions of the abnormally catastrophic gravitational relativity to M185,[  (Cl63 SO₄ 34) / (Na+K)100   when thus forth lubricated; and the near-fatal effects proceeding.

Or ...
Slipping in Mud, to you and me.

So today yesterday I was feeling much better. I mean, I still felt sick to my stomach, but this is more of an ill sick, not a being-sick sick. Try to keep up! So I went into college as I couldn’t afford to NOT go into college! So the day was surprisingly uneventful lol.

I woke up at 6.45 as I usually do, and fell asleep until 7.10. As I usually do. Which then resulted in a rush to be cleaned, dressed, fed, packed and out of the door by 7.20 ready to meet my friend at her hosue for 7.30. Over the months, I have discovered that I am always 10 mins late ... regardless of what time I get up, or get dressed, or leave. I am always 10 mins late ... ON THE DOT.

So I was out of the house, 10 mins later than usual and was just about to text her, when I got to the end of my road and remembered that I have a late start. Meaning that I don’t have to come into college for my first lesson. I COULD HAVE HAD AN EXTRA HOUR AND A HALF IN BED!

But I decided to go in early to do some media editing, rather than sulk back home and slob out on the computer. I get on the bus (instead of walking) and remember we only have 7 mins worth of footage to edit. Hardly enough to fill a 2 and a half hour break I have! (including breaktime). But I go in anyway. Turns out my good friend and neighbour is on that bus, so I walk to her work with her to keep her company.

So once in college, I go to media and edit for my entire break as we have more footage on the machine ... I forgot about. I work my way through and almost have it finished today (I should be able to post the draft here in a few weeks, if I decide to). And this is how I spend ANY free time I have that day. I skipped break,* and I was going to skip lunch, but my stomach told me otherwise. I shouldn’t have listened ....
You can't see it very well, but my arse is
COVERED in mud!

So on the way back from the local shops, me and my friend were having a poke war, as you do, (he is such a flirt, but straight lol) and I ran to catch him, and, well ... I fell over. Quite bad. I had to sneak off to the loo’s to wash off the worst of the mud from my arse, and tied my jacket around my waist for the rest of the day lol. I was SO embarrassed.

~ And that children, is why you don’t run when there is mud ~

So all in all I had a good day, with a few hiccups, but oh well. Its just more exciting that way.
Take care, Jack xx

*and stayed later than the teachers editing and had to make sure the doors were all locked up ... they should just give me a key lol


Lauren said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling better than you were a couple of posts/days ago :) I find that as I get older and (ashamedly) start to care more about what I look like when I leave the house (whether I resemble a human or not) I'm getting out of the house later and later each day, but what can you do :P
It's a shame about the mud-running jeans-ruined thing. I think I read a bit in a book once when the person sat down in mud and covered it up with a jacket so that's obviously the way to hide it ^_^
I'd like to take this time to mention that I love your shirt :D Plaid/tartan/checked looking material is my weakness when buying clothes. I think that it is one of the best patterns ever.

Lauren x

Love<~Peter~> said...

hey hey hey that is one of my pics babbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but i am glad you had a good day and are responsible eugh not to throw a party in the school love you talk to you when you get home Love<~peter~>

Rowan said...

Picture- O_O


Shame about the jeans but least you're making progress on your media video, mine is totally finished now btw ;D

Also, as you said, it was a good day so... good :)

Rowan <3

wayner said...

I'd rather see the shower pic of you washing off the mud lol! It's just that you are still ill and a bit weak and that is why that happened. Of course I don't look much cleaner after a ride on my freeride bike this time of year. I comment on Gay Andy's blog quite often (a wonderful guy!) and he is still sick after a month; he is now getting six shots in the butt over the next 6 days to help him recover. Don't be too quick to go back to school if you are not feeling well. Btw it's easy to get up early in the morning; go to bed earlier! bfn - Wayne:)

Jack xx said...

Thanks Lauren, i'm glad too haha. And i'm more focused on my looks, but that happened about a year ago and have settled in. The strange thing is in school i was like "hrm ... when can i be 'ill :/" but now i'm like "NO! MUST ... MAKE ... IT ... IN!!!" lol.
Fortunately my jeans arn't ruined lol. They're new. Got them the day before! haha. But they fit almost perfectly. And its just logical to cover it with something, but it looks prety childish lol.
AND OMG I love checkerd shirts! lol. Like i have a thing for them, and they occupy like at least half my wardrobe! but my bff got me that shirt <3

HOW COOL ROWAN! You do have to show he haha, but i'll help you with your evaluation and together we can make it A level Standard lol. But i'm sure its great. I'll let you have second viewing pleasure (Peter has first) :D

And Love you baby.

I didn't think this pic was that racy haha, but good to know :) and my arse is NOT that big!
Jack xx

jaygeemmm said...

Well good day! It's good to hear all the good, even slipping in the mud! You gotta admit, it's fun to laugh about NOW! (Who was the photographer that got that great arse shot?) ROFL

Peace <3

Jack xx said...

Haha thanks Jay, and m lappy took it haha :P

jaygeemmm said...

Awwww, I thought there was a really lucky guy out there!
Peace <3

Micky said...

Phew! You're obv. feeling better - even with a muddy encounter.

Did the flirty (straight) friend laugh heartily? Did he offer a hand to help you up? Did he offer to wipe some of the mud off for you?

Jack xx said...

Haha no Jay, just Peter x

And yes i am micky, thanks :) And he laughed at me ... as usual :P

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