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Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Ok, so I haven't been feeling too great this past week or so, but it has gotten worse. Up until now, I have just had a headache, temperature, cough, sore-throat ect, but today I have been violently ill.

The upside? I seriously doubt it is the flu.

The downside? I've been sick all day.


I decided to wake up about 7.30 so that I could watch the partial eclipse but due to heavy could cover I couldn't see it, but oh well. I actually woke up about 7 am, which I'm not complaining, as it is helping me to get used to early mornings again. For tomorow. I think.

So I woke up and i had a little stomachache, but didn't think anything of it, until i went to get up and felt like i was going to throw-up at any moment. In the end I just lay down in bed for half an hour.

Until I ran to the toilet, and ... well ... I'm sure you all can guess what happened.

I hate it when that happens though, because not only does it burn like hell, but it REALLY hurts too, and I can't eat or drink anything all day or else I'll be sick again. Why can't we just invent a cure for being sick?!

When I recovered sufficiently, I went downstairs to feed my cat ... not a nice smell ... and went upstairs to check msn. I had a feeling Peter would be online ... AND I WAS RIGHT!!! Of course I was a little dissapointed because he is also ill and should've been in bed, but I couldn't mask my joy of seeing my amazing bf! I love him so much!

After talking to him for a bit, and ironically going through the exact same thing that caused him to panic a few weeks ago (kinda feel the same as you did baby xx) I went downstairs to guess what? A sick cat. While I was upstairs with my head in the toilet, she had been sick three times as well ... I HAVE A SICK BUDDY! We actually spent most of the day together, which was kind of strange, but sweet. Unfortunately, the inevitable happened, and when i was cleaning up her sick, I was sick. But I managed to make it to the toilet!

So after, I tried watching TV but I was exhaused and ended up falling asleep after one programme. This was when i realised lying down doesnt make me feel sick, so I litterally spent the whole day just lying in my bed. I couldn't sleep because I still felt ill, but I drifted in and out of daydreams, which was nice.

I eventually got a phonecall from my dad asking what I was going to do about dinner, but I jsut said that I didn't feel up to it, and agree'd to cook the chicken for their dinner. We are having a roast tonight, which I shall miss but not too much lol. I was quite surprised I didn't throw-up again, because i had to rub the skin with oil and seasoning, shove stuffing into the cavaty, fold the legs into position to cook properly ect. But no! I did not!

So here I am, sat on my sofa downstairs, feeling violently ill again, so I think I'm going to go to the 'toilet' now.
~ Ttyl, Jack xx

p.s. Sorry if I went into too much detail there :/


Rowan said...

Should you be cooking if you're violently ill?
Just sayin...

Hope you get better soon mate :)

Rowan <3

Jack xx said...

Haha, probably not, but i was sterile and hadn't been sick for several hours. Besides ... i dont have to eat it :P

Thanks mate, have a good day :)
Jack xx

Anonymous said...

Poor you, Peter and your cat.
I hope you all feel better soon!

Lauren x

wayner said...

With sore throat and cough it most likely is a flu bug. Some flu bugs are mostly respiratiory and others can upset the stomach. Stay home and look after it; drink ginger ale and have mild soups. I heard on the news that in Europe some people have died of the flu over there so do not underestimate the illness. Yeah, being sober and puking is not a pleasant experience! Be sure to get the cat to the vet if it stays sick. Get well soon. bfn - Wayne

Jack xx said...

Haha thanks Lauren,

And ginger ale is discusing as is soup lol. I have eaten like 6 chips and i snuck a chocolate bar as i was feeling better, so its calmed down a bit now. But i couldn't stomach food today lol.

And yes, my mum manages a crematorium, so i regularly hear the statistics of how many people have died because of it. It is worrying, but idk. And she seems fine now, but yes, if she continues, then to the vets!!!

Thanks everyone, Jack xx

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

I'm sorry to hear you're ill - and some sort of vomiting bug is really unpleasant, whether it's flu or not. I have a feeling that norovirus is doing the rounds at the moment, as well as swine flu.

I hope you're starting to feel better, or will be soon. In the meanwhile, I think the standard advice applies: drink plenty of fluids, if you can, otherwise you end up dehydrated which just makes things worse. Water might be best, or perhaps dilute squash of some sort so there's a bit of sugar in it.

*hugs* from a safe distance :-)


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