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Sunday, 10 April 2011

SUN = Happiness?

Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven't been posting much this week, its been kind of hecktic!

I've spent a lot of time working, but not too much! haha. It just feels this way because it is a complex job, but actually REALLY interesting.

Anyway, so the sun has been out for the last week and it is actually SHORTS weather!!!! Which is practically unheard-of in England. Which is even better because I have the next 17 days off because of Easter Break! so SUN HERE I COME!

Gotta LOVE summer!

I've been talking a lot more with this one guy. We have a LOT in common, like eerily in common lol, but we talk daily and help each other out when we get down. Its great getting to know someone that I have known for a while. I mean, up until now we've been friends and I could tell you his name and where he lives, but not much more.

He is one of the students I have been helping to teach for the last year - and OMG I actually LOVE teaching at the moment and have some other plans I want to run by you guys but they will have to wait, anyway - but despite doing other projects with this guy, I barely knew anything about him.

So as I said, its great getting to know someone you already know!

But despite the sunshine, heat and budding friendships, I've still been pretty down. I've had a lot on my mind, which I need to sort out and will tell you guys about it as soon as i've actually done something about it. Promise!

So thats basically my past week or so. I have to properly start revising soon though, because my first exam (out of 9!!!!) start on the 16th of May, and i finish college in about a month too. SCARY! So i've put together a revision timetable that I plan on sticking to! ... I've always made revision plans, but they fall by the wayside every time! But this one is different. Its mainly small spurts of revision, combined with lots of sleep (mmmm, sleepppppp .... ) and regular excersise because, well, quite frankly despite not eating much at the moment, i've been feeling really fat and unhealthy, so this should help :)

So yes, thats what I'll be doing for the
next few months :/

Anyway, I have to go. I've got to get back to work so that I can go around my Mum's for a bit to cheer her up. She's a bit upset that my dad's got a new girlfriend (he's over there now as its her daughter's birthday ... i've been grilling him because he's trying to suck up and made Chocolate Mouse for her daughter and none for us, but I dont mind. Chocolate's REALLY fatty lol). So to cheer her up i'm going to make her favorite cake ... Coffee cake.

Sounds discusting, but its really not! its DELICIOUS!!!

So gotta dash. Here's a song i've had stuck in my head:

Jack xx


jaygeemmm said...

Well cool on getting to know your friend! That's always a great thing - making a friendship better and stronger.

Wow. A month left of college. You must be excited, as well as filled with trepidation.

And I'd kill for 17 days off in a row! Even if I had to study some during it. Revise well, and do well on those 9 exams! Then uni awaits!

Sorry there is also something not so great lurking, too, but you'll get through it. You know who you can turn to.

Peace <3

Wayne said...

I don't ever remember getting 17 days off at Easter; must be a different system in England! Nice hot guy pic. Remember you don't look like that without lots of vigorous exercise (resistance and aerobic) and proper diet. Video games, cheese doodles and pizza have the opposite effect lol. (stay away from that chocolate mousse!) It's nice when you 'discover' someone that you have known for a while and rather surprising. If you have friends that you can confide in then you should never feel down!
-Definitely focus on the upcoming exams especially the two weeks prior to exams. I've noticed on some other blogs some young gay guys have let personal drama interfere with their studies to their detriment, so don't make this mistake. It is just a few weeks and then it is over. Have you ever considered teaching for a career? Fairly secure, decent pay and lots of days off. Nice sunny day here too and I was out zinging around on my Triumph. bfn - Wayne :)

Jack xx said...

Haha, yes its pretty scary but soooooo awesome lol. And yh, 17fricking days!!! cant wait lol. Thanks Jay :)

And haha, its 2 weeks off for Easter and then some extra days because of bank holidays and inset days lol. You don’t have to tell me twice about exercise haha, I’ve been building up my tolerance to jogging because I want to get back into it lol. Also I know I have to focus when exams get close, so far I’ve been perfectly fine not revising – like at all – where I’ve managed to get A’s and B’s, but I know I have to revise this year. And I wont let personal things get in the way last year, when I found out my mum was leaving 2 weeks before the exams started :/

And I used to want to be one, but its got good and bad to it. I’ll post about it soon, promise haha. Too much for just a comment.

Jack xx

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