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Friday, 22 April 2011

Boring or Busy?

HELLO BLOGLAND!!! I have returned!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much, I’ve kind of been in limbo. I didn’t know what to post about, I was struggling with the motivation and then technological problems.

The trifecta!

But yes, I’ve had a very boring time lately. I’ve spent a lot of my time in front of the sofa relaxing over the holidays ... which has come back to bite me in the ass! But I have had a few busy days.

 The other day I went over Jake’s house with Chris and we had a few drinks, which was a lot of fun! Not much more to it. A lot of alcohol. A lot of Pizza. A lot of lack of sleep lol.

Also, my sister Aurora is REALLY imprinting herself of me haha ... she’s turning me into an alcoholic lol. And I know what yall will say ... “be careful and don’t drown your sorrows” but I’m not. I’m just having fun. One day my sister took me out drinking which was very sweet.

We were drinking with her boss (and ex) and his very jealous and insecure gf. Who actually adores me haha, but she’s lovely and we get on great. We went to a total of 3 bars that day (yes ... DAY) and were drinking from 1pm to 9 pm ... what a time! Haha. But it was really fun. We also met up with two guys, and I had my first spliff. It was interesting, kind of like being drunk, but with a weird taste in your mouth haha. But I don’t like smoking and definitely wouldn’t do it on my own. Also, me and my sister’s boss (grr, that doesn’t sound good, but we are actually friends lol) had a few moments haha. He told my sis that he would probably flirt with whoever she brought to the pub (before I was invited) and then she told him it was me and he said he’d probably still flirt.

Whats worse is he is actually quite cute. But he’s straight, with a girlfriend and who in their right mind would like me!

So then I went to my friend Dana Umlaut’s photo shoot one day. Bad hair day btw! But yh, so I went to the meeting location to find out that the photographer was in the hospital. I felt really kind of bad and awkward because I didn’t know him, but most people did. So I didn’t have the emotional ties to him like most people, so when we were at Dana’s House it was a bit hit-and-miss. But I had a great time in the end and it was a shame I had to go so suddenly, because I had agreed to meet my friend.

We have kind of been counselling each other over the last couple of weeks and grown really close. So I wanted to go and see how he was feeling (because he gets depressed if he doesn’t have much human interaction) so why not :)

Plus, I kind of have a little crush on him. Which is ridiculous because he is 100% straight and everything, so there is no point. And I know its just a fleeting thing, but I still hate it! Why must I be alone and taunted everywhere! He even said if he were gay he’d like me, which is just like 0.o but oh well, he’s still a close friend and I can control myself lol.

So we ended up spending hours just talking about everything. From genetic engineering to exploding ducks, and from doctors to parents. WE covered it all. In the end I walked home and had a great day, until I had to walk within 4 foot of a dead fox on the side of the road and everything! SO DISCUSTING!!!

So that was my past 2 weeks or so. Oh and as for today, I spent almost all day talking with my old bff and had an amazing day, but its been kind of up and down because I’m reminded of these happy memories which brighten my day and then I remember that they’re not there anymore and I get down again.

Which kind of brings me on to my second point of this post: as to why I haven’t been posting. I’ve been feeling quite down lately. Its all to do with being alone and unloved and everything. The usual. Something that I will go into more detail soon enough. But next time!

Oh and my internet has been down for the last few days and only got it back today. Technology hates me!

So maybe these 2 weeks haven’t been so broing as I thought they had been :/

Jack xx


Rowan said...

I've only ever been (kinda) drunk once and my mum was actually with me at the time but she didn't know how much id actually had :P
I wasnt properly drunk coz i can still recall a fair bit of what happened but i had a mini hangover the next day so yeh haha

As for the spliffs... its secretly something ive wanted to try coz ive never experienced it. I've smoked but it isn't anything that appeals to me. But yeh, i wanna experience getting high one day xD

I dont blame you at all, id have probably done the same thing plus, its good to have fun at least once in a while ;)

Rowan <3

Jack xx said...

Haha cool, but there is plenty of time left for getting drunk :P There are still parts of christmas eve that i dont remember hahaha.

And i know, i wouldnt smoke (normal or weed) regularly lol. I'm the kind of person who will try anything once if possible, so when he asked i said ok. Of course it did help he was cute lol. And i did it with my sister LOL

Having fun is avital part of life, but know your limmits and learn from your mistakes x dont go overboard and dont get addicted. otherwise, good luck :P

... also, where have you been for the last like 4 months?! your NEVER on MSN lol :(

jaygeemmm said...

Sounds like the holidays haven't been a total loss at all! You're certainly allowed to lounge about and take it easy. Glad you're getting some rest, that's always a good thing. And you've been out socializing, so I'm not sure I understand (as usual) why you think you're unlikable.

Glad your internet is back up! I LOVE my fiber optic to the house, totally reliable. So far.

Peace <3

Wayne said...

Nothing wrong with having a few days off relaxing! Boredom is nice sometimes when a person has had enough of drama lol. Yeah, keep drinking moderate and very occasional; addiction creeps up slowly over the years so don't underestimate it; same for smoking weed (I've never heard the term 'spliff' before, guess I've been out of the scene too long lol).
-You seem to be circulating socially ok, surely you will run across some gay guys eventually. From your posts, pics and vids I think lots of gay guys 'in their right mind' would love to hang with you. Don't be so sure some guys are 'str8'. Probably 2/3 of the young guys around your age are still in the closet and put up a very straight front, afraid of betrayal if they confide in anyone.
-As for the roadkill, let it be a reminder that all living things return to the earth again and it is part of the natural cycle. Make the most of every day above ground and be thankful for it. bfn - Wayne :)

Rowan said...

I can't quite confess to being an MSN enthusiast. A year ago maybe but now, im afraid not.
We still have this humble abode to exchange words and niceities ^_^

Jack xx said...

Haha I know I can take it easy Jay, but when I leave all my hw to the last day or two, thats just plain out frustrating lol. And I’m unlikable because I’m a terrible person and no-one likes me lol. Easy :P

You don’t have to tell me twice about drinking. I still cant remember parts of last Christmas eve ... shudder! And as for the ‘spliff’ part, I’m not very vernacular about it all haha, I spent a while trying to figure out the plural’s and singular’s of it all, so I just ended on that. Its kinda a lesser used one haha.
Theoretically I should, but thats a different matter. People joke about whats been put in the water around my street because I can think of 5 people in my street that are gay or bi ... but none of them are my type ... like, at all! And I know lots will be in the closet, but the point is, if they are in the closet, they cant be ‘out here’ with me lol. And they obviously don’t want to hang with me, or else they would have already.

And finally, Rowan haha. Its a shame your not on MSN anymore, miss you haha. But its cool, as long as your having fun and we pass “niceties” to one another, I don’t mind :)

Take care
Jack xx

Micky said...

Mmmn I wouldn't be quite so sure about people being '100% straight with a girlfriend' coz that's no guarantee and most people aren't 100% anything.

And of course you shouldn't drink or smoke anything but why the fuck not? I did, he did, we did and still drink more than we should occasionally and mostly with friends on special occasions like your ones were. I can only go so far with the 'moral outrage' whenever anyone has more than half a spoon of coffee in a cup!

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