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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Life by Moonlight: Part 5

Last Time:
A loud crash came from the door, as Will awoke with a start. The door swung open as an all too familiar figure emerged. It was Aurora. Her energetic mood, instantly told Will that something was afoot.
“Hurry up and get Dressed! He’s here”, her voice was misleading and contradicting to her face. Although he could definitely hear an urgency in her tone, there was no danger or alarm in her expression, but rather anxiety and excitement.
“Who’s here?”
“Wait and see”. Aurora was constantly playing these games. Always showing and never telling. After a quick debate, Will surrendered and was left alone with his thoughts.
The cold stone floor was ice to his feet and they quickly went numb. Sleepily stumbling over to his en suite, he splashed some water on his face, to help wake him up. Walking over armoire, he held up his bloodied shirt. There wasn’t time for this, Aurora was waiting. Dropping the red mass to the floor, he pulled on an earthly green doublet and hose, and left for the day’s adventure. Aurora was waiting at the foot of the stairs and knowing the rush, he skipped breakfast. Carefully closing the ironbound door, they strolled down the pathway and headed for the valley floor. Passing between the moss and ivy coated homes, they reminisced about their childhood and dreamed about their futures. Shortly, they arrived at the town center and were met by a disorderly crowd. Cheers and shouts quickly emerged over the general rambling and cries of outrage soon followed. As they forced their way through the throng, more of the sounds became identifiable, and Will noticed a wagon, backed onto the crowd. A merchant was auctioning off his produce and much to the crowd’s dismay, much of the stock was overpriced.
Will instantly recognised the merchant to be the long awaited, Eoghen. He was a popular tradesman that often braved the harsh terrain, to trade with the valleymen. He was a kind and giving man that was friends with anyone and everyone he met. His long, pale face was bordered with phantom white hair and streaked with grey. His eyes were pure lilac, and were so light, they seemed to disappear next to the deep black pupils. His ancient appearance made him look almost ghostlike, returning to the world of the living one last time. But contrasting his appearance, he wore a grubby, ashen tunic, and mismatching hose, that still held the remnants of last night’s meal.
They stood at the sidelines of the throng, watching and waiting, to swoop in and save the elderly man from certain doom. This moment came all too soon, as the crowd’s attitude quickly changed, and they began advancing. The two Valliens were just about to intervene when Eoghen disappeared, in the blink of an eye. A moment later, he was standing next to them, with a smug look on his face, as although he looked old and feeble, he was as swift as a lion stalking its prey. But that was needed in the merchant industry.
They walked down a quaint country lane, the ground hard and compact, beneath their feet. They passed beneath a canopy of leaves and regularly stopped to admire the simplistic view before them. They took long drinks from their ale-skins for refreshment and continued on. After a brief walk, they turned and crossed a local field. The waist high grass brushed up against their hands like feathers, while the bright heather lent its aroma to the surrounding air. They were at peace and all time seemed to slow. They talked of times long gone and ones still to come. Eoghen admitted that he wished he could stay, but there was always just another town beyond the horizon. 
Then after a short while, they emerged in the shadow of a giant willow. Will remembered playing around the base as a child and made him think that even the oldest of things can have new life in them. With some help. Merchants had been welcomed here centuries ago, and had stayed in the same spot, year after year. The giant spindly arms caressed the tops of the wagons, parked beneath. Crisp white, striped with an earthy green, as the leaves tumbled down the branches, desperately trying to reach the warm embrace of the ground. Laughter filled the air as young children ran and played in the local fields of lavender. The sent flowing, and mixing with the ash of the cooking fire.

To Be Continued ...


wayner said...

Your beautiful descriptions have me yearning for summer! I can't wait for things to turn green around here again but when it does it really makes up for winter. Hope your story has a happy ending. bfn - Wayne :)

jaygeemmm said...

I love this. Such a great story, so well written. Now Jack, use that artistic skill of yours and illustrate it!

Peace <3

Jack xx said...

Haha, well i was going to post pictures to go along with the text, but i didnt want to just 'tell' my audience, i wanted them to imagine it.

But seems as you two ARE my audience, what would you prefer. Pictures to help you, or your imagination?

Oh and Wayne, you'll have to wait and see :P

jaygeemmm said...

i'd love to see pictures you create to illustrate it. I know you're talented as heck, so personally, it would be a plus.
Peace <3

Jack xx said...

Haha, well most of them will be pictures of the places i based them on, or was inspired by. Such as one picture of a place that is comming up that ispired the whole novel. And then msybe some hand-drawn ones of things from my imagination. So still want them?:P

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