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Friday, 1 April 2011

Some Pictures of that day ...

Me in my Funeral Shirt ...
Yes, I have s shirt dedicated just for funerals ...

This just reminds me of her: beautiful, unobtrusive and delicate



Wayne said...

Love the haircut in the funeral shirt pic! Lots of grandfathers today fondly remember the long hair of their youth. Love nature and flowers. bfn - Wayne :)

jaygeemmm said...

Beautiful Jack, just beautiful.

Peace <3

Micky said...

I missed by Gran too. She used to visit us every Tuesday and arrive on the bus at eight minutes past ten. Even the dog used to go to the window on Tuesday mornings to watch for that bus. Amazing really because the buses ran all day - every ten minutes. That dog knew which bus (even when Gran's connecting bus was late and she was on the following one to us that dog knew).

She used to bring us cakes every week - pineapple creams became her and my favourite!

I missed her terribly when she died - I think I was a couple of years younger than you - but it hurt.

Harvest said...


Wayne said...

Oh yeah, that funeral shirt pic; you look like the young guy in the movie 'Almost Famous' that was on again last night. (wonderful movie!) bfn - Wayne :)

jaygeemmm said...

@Wayne: I LOVE Almost Famous! Best movie ever, I think!
Peace <3

yolynoble said...

this was great, jack. well done.

peace and love - jeff

Jack xx said...

@ Wayne: Haha thanks, I’m thinking of cutting it short again and dying it for the first time ... gasp! Any suggestions anyone? Lol

@ Jay: thanks :)

@ Micky: Dogs have amazing sense of smell and sixth sense( that isn’t the real sixth sense but I wont go into that lol) , but still great that your dog loves/d her so much! And that you did too, I know she felt the same x Hope your a bit less emotional about it now xx

@ Harvest: Thanks x *huuugggsss back*

@ Wayne and Jay: LOL thanks for that, if I’m correct (and I think I am) then the character your referring to does look kind of like me ... and yes HE looks like ME! Haha x

And @ Jeff: Not that great lol, just some pics, but thanks xx

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