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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I'm Back Baby!

Hey guys,
Sorry for going away again. I know i left it a while between my last few posts but this time it isnt my fault! My internet went down (grid-wide) and when it came back on my internet kept freezing. I could only access fb and google.

Strange ... huh!

But anyway, though a freek accident, its now working again, and lets hope it stays this way. Anyway, got LOADS of posts lined up so hope you enjoy them :P and i promise to post much more often!

So just a quick update ...

so alone
This is how i'm feeling right now.

So until then ... ttyl xx


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back! Isn't it awful to be "off the grid"? But you're not alone! You got all us!
Peace <3

Wayne said...

You weren't gone that long! These days the Internet is a person's connection with the world and we miss it when we don't have it. How privileged we are considering that hundreds of years ago most people rarely traveled more than 20 miles from home their whole lives and news came from travelers passing through the local tavern.
- Yeah we all get our lonely spells but they pass. Sometimes when I feel that way I feel better when I see husbands getting nagged to death or nasty relationship drama lol; freedom is nice! bfn - Wayne :) (Anyone notice the heart ripped out and nailed to the floor? We all can relate to that!)

Micky said...

If you're feeling lonely they go out and seduce someone.

Preferably someone you fancy.

Jack xx said...

haha agreed jay x

also i know i wasnt gone that long, but it feels like it lol. and you dont have to preach about media to me, i do media studies and we learn about all the advancements lol.

and finaly, secuction ... if there were people to seduce i would! there is litterally NO ONE!!!

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