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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Hey Yall!

(Sorry couldnt resist)

Anyway, I have just completed my first semester (yes, they call them semesters now :/) in university and i have a LOT still left to talk about. However, I have no idea what to talk about so PLEASE!!!! comment below on what you want me to talk about ... as specific as possible? :P

Just a reminder that on friday i will be changing my URL and with that i will also be changing some of my content (to be written) but that will all be explained when the time comes.

Anyway, i was asked by Jay to include the essays i had to write for my modules in my course. So here they are (let me know if there are any problems) ...

[WARNING] These essays may bore you to extremes ... enjoy

Describe how you would prepare for and conduct an interview with a well-known personality, explaining the background theory to the approach you would take.

Media Studies is a ‘Mickey Mouse’ academic discipline. How would you counter this claim?

My favorite is by far the second! Higher word count, more interesting topic and i spent a LOT more time researching it haha. It is also coincidentally my favorite module so far and is also easier (as it is 'INTRODUCTION to Media Studies' and i have been doing Media for 4 years already haha) ... oh and before yall complain, it was compulsery :P

Um so yeah, this is basically what my first 3 months has been about and i just have one more exam left and i complete this semester. Next semester i have twice as many modules tho :/

Oh, also as i will be returning back to England on Sunday, you probably wont be hearing from me very much but i'll try to keep in touch. And i'll be back in the new year :)

As always, ttyl xx


Anonymous said...

Essay 125 - EXCELLENT, I give you top marks!
Essay 100 - EVEN BETTER! Can you top TOP marks?!

I'm sure you're looking forward to some meatier courses next semester, and being busy will be good for you.

Peace <3

Wayne said...

Nice essays! I always thought one of the most important assets to have for an interview is charm. Other people quickly sense if you don't like them by verbal and non-verbal cues. If they think you like them or empathise, you can sometimes get more out of them. I have always thought that the media is a double-edged sword; they can laud you or destroy you. It bothers me that some people are lynched by the media before they even get to trial; how do they get their reputation back when they are found innocent? The celebrity stalking by tabloids is becoming criminal. Thank heavens for Youtube lol. I won't be nosy; talk about whatever you feel like. - Wayne :)

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